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  • Post #460 in the pre-thread has the social policies. Just go trawl through those.
    Eh, sorry I got so heated the other day. Bad past experiences with bullying and all.
    The populist Emperor Yuan would like to join the International as to ensure we are not threatened by potential colonialists and to ensure our commitment to serve the peoples of China.
    The Yuan Empire would make a good ally and a greater trade partner to the USSR if we manage to restore China as one. For the oneness of China aid us against our rivals and you will be rewarded with a great friend. Consider our imperial socialism over the Federation's imperial capitalism; we are the better of the two options for you ideologically.
    A reminder that CityIOT orders are due in 7 hours. For those who have been less active lately, we will be entering a slower update cycle, driven by more RP and content, following this update, so I encourage those members to return for the new phase.
    A reminder that campaigning and endorsements for CityIOT are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; new candidates have until 2:00 AM to declare their campaign.
    Mosher I can't troll Mech unless either both or neither of us are mods and I don't think that's healthy for the chat or me. Trolling Mech is like the only thing I live for when LH isn't on.
    All not lost: it appears I still have the means to expand our borders. This will ensure our growth in power without conflict with the former parts of the Caliphate.
    Alone we could be targeted by everyone. Together we can target everyone. We are strong together! :D
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