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  • We are arranging a talk with India. We would like you to take part in it, as it will not only determine the fate of Sindh but also how the Indian power is going to survive with the likes of Sweden on its doorstep. We have a client chance my friend. The trio between you, I and France will be strong indeed!
    We will stick together. The Cape will has its centre of trade for the next turn. We suggest you set another Centre of Trade too, perhaps in America or West Africa, so that we can connect our trade links more strongly. This will make us both richer.
    We going to need to decide the Islamic sects we each are following in IOT: Enlightenment. With my plans to forge a Caliph I sense it be best we determine our religious considerations.
    We may in Son of Mars consider a defense pact, in case of any dangers to either of our powers.
    No, not at all. I stole it from many other wise people, so you're welcome to use it.
    Have the Platonic Republic received their order of cruisers and missile ships along with the case of the equipment for Cerberus? I just need confirmation if I have my order in this Winter.
    My history would depend very much on yours. You should be the one who creates the main story, then I would readjust my history with yours. My current history is that the Boer Republics are founded by independent colonists and not sponsored by the Netherlands. But if you have a better idea then say so ;)
    I apologise for the... derailment in IOTXIV and hope for the situation to improve.
    Because you participated in either CityIOT or its Redux, you are being invited/encouraged/requested to join a new game in the same vein.
    Would you have a princess available after 1902? That's when the Riccese monarchy radically changes and they're eager to marry into an established monarchy. :p

    Royal marriage between the Riccese Emperor and a British princess in the late 1800s yay or nay?
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