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  • I do not really know. I am not a prophet. They could force elections, but this is not 100% sure and Samaras would do anything in his power to prevent this, since election woudl empower Syriza.
    No. Greece is a European country. The GD paramilitary force would never start a civil war. They do not have enough support and only a few hundred of those who are part of their paramilitary force are die hard GD supporters.
    Now things are quite. And what I told you is only part of the story. In an interview woth former GD members, it was revealed that GD members trained like marines in Marine and Commando bases by former Generals. Also, much of the police supports GD and many arrests have been made.
    GD is now classified as a criminal organization (for murder of a left wing rapper and a Pakistani, the beating of two Egyptian fishers, attacks on immigrants and an attack on 9 members of the Communist Party) and it's leader and party members have been arrested, along with police officers who covered the actions of GD.
    hey mosher, ive decided i dont want to be Germany, too crowded and not serious enough, instead can i be the United Kingdom of New England? it would only be 10 provinces.

    Our policies are very similar, a three way coalition between you, me and the Imperialists will ensure that Egypt goes in the right direction to become the greatest nation in the world!
    Revisiting the talk before. Are we merely in a DP against chicago, or are you willing to commit to the North Atlantic Alliance of Solidarity (NAAS) I am forming with the CSA (arrow)? Get on chat for more if you want.
    What is your avatar of? It seems familiar and it is pissing me off that I can't recall what it is.
    Please send OptNES orders for turn 1 ASAP as the deadline has passed. :)

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    Presuming Son's latest project bears fruit, would your house consider backing Prometheus Friðþjófr Ippolit Thalia in the election for the throne of England? Zac Mosher would be suitably rewarded according to his talents, such as perhaps a position as a Viceroy, and command of the Royal Army. As my house sees it, we complement each other, one martial focused, and the other more suited to the back room dealings of politics and shadow wars. Surely you can see the potential benefits of allying our houses?
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