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  • I mean co-ordinated protocols in the event of an outbreak. If our protocols are discordant the chances that an outbreak will develop beyond control increase due to the connectedness between our two states. Ergo, Im talking about co-ordination in strategy and policy through maintaining a common dialogue on the influenza problem primarily, although of course mutual assistance in the form of doctors (and the Church in Italy ) presumably would also occur as well.
    CI: We should co-ordinate medical procedures (considering our common borders and the like), or at least establish in our orders a group with the express goal to do as such in the event of an outbreak. As such I suggest you add such a precept (which is already in my orders) to yours.
    Do you want to join ChristosIOT? It is simple and you do not need to spend too much time.

    Here is the link : ChristosIOT I
    Capto Iugulum:

    I have taken Paris-Burgundy, so can you please send me a PM with the money I own to Italy?
    Than you might've missed the part where Stranger appeared inside your unconscious mind to demand answers to why exactly you crashed the very enjoyable opera he was watching :p
    Stranger doesn't have any powers over illusions :p.

    His only power is his ability to exist anywhere and everywhere despite anything. Shot in the head? Body will disappear as soon as everybody looks away and he will reappear somewhere else. He will even get inside your head, because your mind is also a place that he has a potential to exist in.


    He also refuses to work under anyone :p.
    By the way, was the guy who survived a bullet wound to the head supposed to be the Stranger?
    Hmm, are you connecting through mibbit, or through another program? If mibbit, try using a different internet browser. :)
    If it's all the same to you, due to some last minute budgetary decisions, 26 EP will be sent this year instead. This is for your records.
    I want the treaty to provide all belligerents with the option - whatever that option involves - of being part of the peace. Please could you send me all terms for Spain, Sardinia, and Corsica?
    Nailix, I've just agreed with TLK on a single overriding treaty. Please could you send your demands for Spain, Sardinia, and Corsica as well?
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