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  • Do you want to collaborate on a shared story? It would be the discussion between our two races. If your race decides to not meet my agent of diplomacy, then it's not necessary.
    Thanks for your message, Iggy. Even though I'm effectively retired from NESing, I hope we stay friends too.
    I sent the .xcf to your hotmail, but I'm not sure if that's the right email to use for you.
    Hey Iggy thanks for asking, the truth is I have no idea what I was going for back then. I make all of my orders for NES's up right on the spot and it has been a entire year since that post so it makes about as much sense to you as to me.

    Let's just go with claws for now since they seem to be the most viable of the options.
    So I started a new Ironman campaign with no takebacks whatsoever.

    I got a landed Abductor on March 4th as my 2nd mission. 3 Outsiders, 4 Chrysalids, 2 Thin Men, 2 Seekers, 5? Sectoids, 3? Drones. 19 xenos total. I had a high-aim rookie and 5 fatigued troops from the first mission.

    0 casualties. :smug:

    Then I lost 3 rookies on the next mission to lucky Sectoid shots through high-cover. :xcom:
    Your PMs are full, so here you go. Nothing secret but delete when you've read it if you like:

    The Farubaida must at any rate note the version made by myself in the below correspondence, which constitutes my judgement on how the campaign should proceed, and which I had in any case devised prior to the Grandpatriarch's submission.

    We would also like to request the Farubaida to be rather less rude to the Grandpatriarch. You are aware that we are not much more enthusiastic about Etraxes's political touch than you are, but he does have a certain measure of influence and troops, is inherently fairly closely tied to both of your allies, and has as much right as anyone else involved in our coalition to bring military strategy for our consideration. As you honour your allies, you must, please, manage at least courtesy for Etraxes, who, while indeed scarcely other than hostile before, is now fighting alongside both of us.
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