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  • It's going great :D
    1st game - Elizabeth vs. all the other new civs + Isabella - Very tense, even on Warlord, those new civs are defeniately something not to mess with, got attacked by almost everybody (Ethiophia, Austria, Netherlands and Byzantium) thankfully Attila, Sweden and Carthage were my neighbors so I kept out of trouble, though Carthage backstabbed, and we were in the war, I finally got pissed off and squashed Dido's empire to a mere 1 city, surprisingly she got so scared she gave me her second city during Peace offering :| (she had only 1 city to give anyway).

    2. - Attila, alright, WAY easier than the first, Babylon was my biggest threat because I was going for Time victory (the Huge achievement for Attila makes it impossible for me to actually win Domination). Eventually won when I nearly squashed Pachacuti.

    Next up - Bouddicca (or whoever else is next in the alphabet line).
    U were talking about sheikhs & all that stuff so I thought maybe u have Arab background or something. lol
    ok i was wondering why you were not answering in the social group. i am all most done with the units i changed to unitartstyles its a lot less work.
    I was wondering if maybe later, if you could look into creating some bolt action rifle infantry units, for my 1861 AD mod. Something pre WWI, for instance, a soldier with a bolt action rifle, without a helmet. Kind of in between Civil War soldiers, and modern soldiers with steel helmets.

    Perhaps at some point, we could begin work on a whole new Napoleonic Wars mod, or something like that. I would love to make a mod dealing with that time period, encompassing the Seven Years war, known in North America, as the French and Indian War, all the way through the American, and French Revolutions, finally through the Age of Napoleon.
    Might be fun but it will not be anytime soon
    ok first about the map no i would make a new map now about you helping can you post in the social group about the crusade mod there's a discussion about this mod there i will tell you about what i would get you to do and as for when you could help sounds great. about the units i don't have time right now but after this mod maybe after. how do i make an account at atomicgamer. about the documentary no i have not seen it i just use a book on The Crusades.
    here's the units that i have made so far,Crusader Swordsman,Crusader Axeman,Crusader ShortSpearsman,Crusader Heavy Cavalry:).
    great i will keep on working on the art if you want to in three weeks we can start on xml editing.
    my new mod is about the first crusade:). as for Nifscope i can't make units from scratch:sad: but i can use models:) that already are in the game or mods. as for your requests i don't how to edit ships but i can learn,as for a Wight Flier is their a model for some thing similar,can you give me a picture of the stuff you want to up date i could do that but i am vary busy with the crusade mod that's why i asked if you where interested in helping. and as you getting Nifscope go for:D it i can help you learn how to use it but i am new to Nifscope to so i am not sure how much help i will be but at lest a can get you started;).
    i am learning to make units with Nifscope so far so good by the way you want to help with a new mod i am making if you would be interested PM me
    hey nokmirt when you have time check out the social group i posted a new discussion. you might want to check it regularity.
    i have a social group called the Wytes(Named after me:mischief::D) anyway i want to invite you so if you want to join please do:) by the way i love history to:D
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