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  • I took two cities, one Florence which I liberated. Then he gave me another sweet deal and I made peace. Washington is hurting now though, not much of a threat anymore. The game could get very interesting in the late stages. The Incans may still become a threat. They have a huge empire. Although at this point they lag in science. So do the French for that matter. The Greeks could be tough later on as well. Rome, and Attila are out of it and pretty much done for.
    How did war with the Murcans go now? Sounds like both you and Rome have really eaten into him... especially Rome given the absurd things I've seen him done with Legions & Ballistae in mine games
    Oh I have decided to take your advice and DoW America while he is busy. I just got rifles. My units all upgraded with them. I'll let you know if it was a good idea or not.
    What are your pc specs? Mine crashes late in the game on huge maps. I have an ATI Radeon HD 6770 and 8 Gigs of RAM. So, I don't play anything bigger than large. Which suits me fine anyway. I'll upgrade when Civ 6 comes out LOL! CiV is 32bit so you don't need a monster pc to play it. Even people that spend all of this money are going to still lag on huge maps. At least according to what I have read from tech support.
    not really - I don't think even my new rig can handle the stress of a high tempo game like the newer TW games (Shogun 2, E/N:TW); its having problems running multiple mods on Civ5 as of currently! :/

    But that does indeed look spiffy. Polished Landships!
    We'll see, I will be having it out with him again soon. You can bet on that. I may have to wait until dynamite though. My other games are taking a break at the moment. I keep thinking about Victoria II in the back of my mind. Perhaps I'll start a game. Then I have started a season of Sports Mogul Baseball 2013. Those and civ will keep me busy in spare time.
    alrighty, no worries, I am looking at some other games in my library and they all seem untouched until now...

    Good to hear the tech leader in your game is getting attacked by everyone else other than you. I hope you can sneak in and bushwhack his cities while no one's looking too... :mischief:
    tis be on Standard

    My advisor keeps telling me that the Austrians are finished, doomed... and then she just retakes one of her cities with a Modern Armor! :crazyeye:
    sure thing... sorry, am really busy in this death struggle against an entire immortal Pangaea. They all DOWed me 50 turns ago AND they still won't give up. Austria just keeps taking and retaking and retaking all her cities I took from her... she even showed up with nukes but didn't use them at all, and even after I bushwhacked her carpets and cities, she still won't give up!

    We started fighting in 1910... then in 1945, Carthage became the first civ in history to employ the Fusion Bomb! :D

    I'm learning (slowly) to appreciate the power of armored cavalries and their utility in facing foes with triple/quadruple your own forces. They are extremely handy in handling attrition warfare. Most of my Infantry units were wiped out, but the armored divisions mostly stayed intact. I've never had a Blitz Tank before, but they've proved their worth against the back-and-forth struggle for Austria's cities... I love cavalry units soooooooo much :crazyeye:
    Aye, they be far more aggressive dis days and they will definitely not sit back and relax at all even if they've lost their capital. Sounds like Rome had too much on his plate without even realizing it, a shame given Augustus' speech whenever he gets DOWed
    I am not sure if I want to keep the Roman around that long. We'll see. Perhaps, because I want to concentrate on exploration and colonizing now. I may try for a sciemce or diplo victory.

    And thank you I will! I hope with one world they improve the new world.
    Sometimes they do... but this one isn't set in stone. We'll need something like InfoAddict to cross-reference the AI's trade deals among the other and see if any of them coincides with a DOW or two. But they definitely do ask folks to help them in their wars - that's how one gets multiple DOWs.

    Well it sounds like Augustus still doesn't like you then, but only just a bit. Maybe you both need a joint DOW agreement plus free trade somewhere along the next era or two? :lol:

    And indeed, I hope you find what you seek in the New World!
    It sounds like they are being deceptive... or that their desire for friendly relations hold more weight than showing that they dislike warmongers. Also I could be wrong, but I believe Napoleon and Rome are one of those few civs whose personalities are alright with warmongers like themselves so declaring war two or three times isn't going to set them off much... unless something bad happened to them in said wars or some such.

    I'm also wondering if "winning the game in a similar manner to them" is still there though, hidden somewhere, pulling strings etcetera.
    Aye, I shall look forward to seeing it for One World... but one dis days, soon perhaps, I will give the current stuff another go
    Let him come to you... hmm, "the Art of War teaches us not to rely on the likelihood of the enemy attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable."

    Indeed, nokmirt my good friend, the key was always in the Great Wall. Even though its just a (mis)quote :lol:
    I will have to be a lot more flexible, tactically speaking, and keeping a ground army alive during Ancient to Late Renaissance eras was never my strong point to begin with. Need to work on that... perhaps I could focus on getting more mounted units to cover flanks and take cities. Hmm...

    Also don't worry mate, you aren't the only one having trouble coming to grips with this AI. It is good that this changes have come to pass, even if people were to complain about it being tougher than before... or shockingly, cheat over it. There is definitely room for improvement on diplomacy... but that was never CiV's strong suite, and I think this hinted-at expack will improve it by the sound of its title. One World - heh, it sounds like Empire Earth and its endgame monolugue of a divided world despite all of humanity's advances...
    I have to agree, even though I've played extremely few games since December and now. I think I need to learn how to manuveur and keep an army alive - it seems to be more important than ever that one has highly promoted units the whole game and not lose them all. Last game as Polynesia before its save file got corrupted had me practicing defending a chokepoint with 3 Maori Longswords on hills, a citadel and the Great Wall. Babylon just kept sending trebuchets, Longbows, Musketeers, swordsmen/longswords and horse units of all kinds. Next time I go back to 7, I will have to rely less on Great Wall and Citadel because the only reason I could kill so many Babs was that each time he tried pillaging the star fort, said unit would lose movement point due to GW, one of my Longswords will kill it and then I would rotate my wounded longsword behind the hills to recover while the spare dude comes up to take his place.
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