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Oct 14, 2011
Jun 11, 2003
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Jun 22, 1988 (Age: 32)
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Forensic Science Postgrad (Ballistics)

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Miserable, 32, from Canterbury

nonconformist was last seen:
Oct 14, 2011
    1. MjM
      Come back noncon. :(
    2. Masada
      hell fellow anti-facist. question: is this post a paid up member of stormfront? or is it just me.
    3. GenMarshall
      You know what. You are right. I am a moronic idiot. I'm going to take responsibilities of my life.
    4. Kan' Sharuminar
      Kan' Sharuminar
      Missing you in chat :(
    5. Arakhor
      Well, that's a very thorny issue, of course, but all responsible Christian Scientists obey the various laws concerning reportable illnesses, broken limbs and the like. I've never been vaccinated before (though I'm frequently anaesthetised for dentistry of course), but if I were to go abroad to somewhere exotic, it would be my legal and moral obligation to comply with travel regulations.

      I'm not trying to be an apologist, but at least the concept behind CS healing is no more silly than various alternative or holistic practices, which (believe me) we get an awful lot of them here in the Cotswolds!
    6. Arakhor
      Well, we can't choose our religious upbringing, can we? :)

      Since CS teaches that God is eternal Love and that we are all children of God, I see no reason why two people expressing God's love in a meaningful and healthy manner should be stigmatised, no matter what their respective sexes. The prohibition against extra-marital sex is fine in principle, but obviously it "soft" discriminates against homosexuality (or at least used to do so). Fortunately, I also developed a disgust for actually having sex in the first place, so I'm not unduly tormented by not doing something I don't want to do in the first place!

      That said, that was one of the reasons I stopped going to church as an adult - transport issues and other things to do on a Sunday were just a convenient cover!
    7. Arakhor
      Why were you so surprised when I mentioned that I was raised in Christian Science? I'm sure you know it's nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology.
    8. Arakhor
      But unfortunately it's not where we focus on how to spell Qatar, apparently. :)
    9. El_Machinae
      When Lucy said "come back", she didn't just mean "check your VMs"!
    10. LucyDuke
      I miss you. Come back. :(
    11. El_Machinae
      Holy Jesus, I just read about your exploits at the University. I.AM.FRICKEN.IMPRESSED.
      Good on you. Hot damn, good on you.
    12. Dachs
      I approve of the Quint av
    13. Arakhor
      Does Domination have any original thoughts and is he is not completely guano-crazy?
    14. Arakhor
      Your '09 social group is still up and running :P
    15. Dachs
      hey there hot stuff
    16. Arakhor
      Good on you, mate! (That's something I never say in real life, bizarrely.)

      So, what's this about a UK CFC meet? When do I get to come to one? :D
    17. Arakhor
      I'm still not sure if Domination isn't just a very dedicated troll, though I'm told that Kulade is utterly serious in every "wacky" thing he says.
    18. Abaddon
    19. nonconformist
      spunkmonkey you say? pistols at dawn
    20. nonconformist
      screw you am i a bastard, you're a spunkmonkey
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    Jun 22, 1988 (Age: 32)
    Home Page:
    Forensic Science Postgrad (Ballistics)
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    Computers bore me, so I'm gonna talk about my favourite booze. Bushmill's 10 year old, Glenfiddic, Glenmorangie, Masterbrew, Rakia
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    Accidental revolutionary

    Music, drink, military stuff, firearms analysis, pubbing, dancing in the streets etc. and the other good things in life.


    In Love with a Reverse Mermaid

    I ate the bacon already. I could smell it in your purse before I even parked my car. And now it’s gone and I hate everything.

    Allez Les Bleus!
    World Cup 2011