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  • I'm not entirely sure, I had exactly zero reason to stay up tonight

    it will probably involve skipping class today, but that's okay
    even das learned to post on other people's walls before you did :3

    also what's for lunch over in the land of the late jörg haider
    protip: don't post on your own wall, post on the other person's wall ;)

    also I was referring to your perfnes app
    Why does noone else write on your wall?

    Hmm. Anyway, won't our collision make a better moon for life?
    It got me a reply within 3 minutes (the second time) not that unwieldy ;)

    Hmmm. Food for thought. Managed to get many orders in?

    I really wasn't sure what to write (I've never done BT orders before!) I hope mine were ok?
    Do I have any contact with that neon green nation? I would have thought my ships sail along that coast and would have noticed settlements?
    You should write a book, your ability to set the scene (so to speak, as it were) is excellent
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