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  • Hey, think I could get your help looking over a story for TNES? :) I'm on #nes if you could hop on I'd greatly appreciate it.
    Hey man, would you be down to world build with me that concept sometime soon? It'd really help to get a storyboard going :)
    It will go on the map, but every "province" will have an entry in the spreadsheet, too, so the records are corroborated there. I plan to have it so that players can see at a glance, either using the map or the OoB, where their forces are deployed.
    It's super simplistic and actually my NES is pretty much just going to be a tarted-up Superpowers set in 1914, but I like being able to show people what their discrete combat forces are, and I think everyone likes to be the mustachioed general in the war room with their croup sticks, and you get a good sense of being a commander-in-chief if you can see what you're commanding!
    Haha well what I posted is in super-duper-alpha - really more a proof of concept of what Sym was saying than anything else. Like, showing that you can easily model the corps-level fighting forces of WW1-era France. Divisions would require 2-4 times as many subordinate units; regiments 2x that in turn; etc.

    So, uh, basically what's going on there is it keeps the number of small guns, machine guns, big guns, as a proportion of the total fighting strength (represented by manpower), and also includes support personnel and cavalry. Then Morale is generally on a real number scale (starting at 0.9 just because), and I have extra stats - organization, mobility, tactics - that represent the skills of the generals.
    City renaming proposal: Croalle in the Exalai Sartashai to Talephaion. (The Exalai really like Talephas, for obvious reasons.)
    I intentionally didn't make any commentary as to the actions of the (potential) Seventh Aitah because 1) She's out of my control, and 2) I don't want to be seen to have benefited OOC from that whole brouhaha.
    Well, except like you aren't around to talk about all the horrible things going on. Like how we have orders due in two weeks. :p
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