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  • With the former Royal Demnese (The Heartland) directly to your west, I currently have a head canon that you picked up many of your current vassals during/right after the Ursurper's War, rising into prominence by putting protection over many minor Lords caught in the crossfire. I want to know what you think about this.
    Well, Eltain II now stands proudly upon the Earth. I'm planning to update again pretty sharpish, if you could send orders within about 36 hours that would be cool :D
    Hey, are you still interested in NESCraft? If so, I should be able to spawn you as a new human next turn :)
    Hello there.

    Might I interest you in inviting you to Beyond the Lampshade which a place of humour and debate? It is my primal forum; a community very close. Consider for great justice as there is talk by the admin for a multiplayer game of Civ5.
    Hey, I was wondering if you have a map of the New World similar to the one you got me for my NES? I need it for a book I'm writing, to help me figure out the borders.
    Hi Eltain, would you like me to change my skills, or are yet fine now?

    Second, when will the game start?
    Way back when I wrote a character named Nufa Isseth - maybe we can toss that in somewhere. Though, from what I read of the language, something like Asrassiv, Senectus, or Skarlas would be more appropriate.

    I'd like S2A room 1, 2, or 3. Doesn't matter which.
    Then sign me up. Biggest horde you can find. (Oh, and it's not like I'm not against frontal assaults. Those are super fun, too.)
    Totally understand about the spam - I'm (very) guilty of it too. My gameplay is generally of the ruthless attack-and-destroy variety - think Minbari, or Borg. I'm not looking for an infiltration-oriented group - at least, not on a personal variety, I'm perfectly happy - gleeful, even - to dig tunnels to attack from the inside, etc. If that makes any sense.
    'Sup. It's a great pleasure to run into you properly, too. I think we've mostly been running parallel courses, though we're both in SMW (albeit half a world away). I'd live to jump in your game - I've always been fascinated with underground warfare, and This World is Yours looks like the perfect opportunity for a good ol' subterranean punch-up.
    Right... You control everywhere then.

    Feel free to negotiate with anyone you want. Just don't expect the Ottomans to honor any agreements, especially annexation.
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