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  • If you're still interested in a GaP-eque game, I'd like to invite you to join Babylonian Statecraft. I hope to see you around. :)
    Hey, check out Blood From a Stone. Maybe read the last update... check out the OP...

    I'm looking for more players to fill out some important positions (Colombia, Korea, Japan) and would love to have you join us.

    Hello, this is a friendly reminder that you have yet to send orders for this turn in SKNES II.
    Also, you'll probably be NPC'd this turn if you don't send orders.
    Note: Click view conversation so you can reply on my page, so I can see your response :)


    Thats a fair enough reason I suppose, but political circumstance would likely weigh against you in regards to the appointment (which isn't directly in my hands). One tends to want people you trust in such positions immediately after a military coup.

    That said, I will see what I can do to ensure your not swatted aside and that a reasonable level of advancement is available to you.
    Because I only followed him do to his ordering me to and my own sense of honor. I also had said to him that only one faction - royalty or military - could exist if Celtia was to continue to exist. As we both have seen, this has already happened.
    Also, I have stated that, should I receive the position, I would immediately chase after the Barbs, leaving Dun Eideann far behind.
    Also, you need a new military commander. Political generals tend not to do so well in combat, and I have military experience.
    GaP Query: What rational reason is there for you to be granted the permission of Supreme Commander, when you admitted to support, tacit though it may be, of Christos? Would that not be posing the risk of a repeat military coup except under your watch instead of Christos'?
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