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  • Still trying to figure that out. Will reapply here, of course - and no doubt Duke. But my research is just about to get rolling, so it's hard to say where I'll be reasonable

    and yes, was quite surprised by how much Britain and Canada emphasise grades. The States care about your research accomplishments far far more.
    So young then.

    It does mark an odd departure though, I was gone for about a year at that time, and my involvement shifted a bit after that.

    All aside I do still spend far too much time on here, in my own opinion, I've just gotten better at doing everything. Next fall should be... interesting, though. PhD applications and all that.
    Let me know via VM/PM/OOC thread if you plan on entering coalition with either side. It's MG or NDA/MPP/Labour. Regardless of your choice, there's no majority coalition - MF holds kingmaker role right now.
    If you get a chance to re-submit your history, I'm looking at a launch date of Tuesday (tomorrow if all goes well)
    I think there is a problem with your bio for brittany in snekiot. Namely, due to the Norman influence on the French monarchy, there really isn't a Norman language (vs a French one) because Norman French has influenced Parisian French ITL. You're probably looking for Albionese, which is what Albion speaks.
    Reminder to finish your character for Still Waters - if current interest subs all submit characters, I would be fine to start
    A reminder that CityIOT orders are due in 7 hours. For those who have been less active lately, we will be entering a slower update cycle, driven by more RP and content, following this update, so I encourage those members to return for the new phase.
    Summary: After arresting people at the Guildhall, Omega/Kaiser had a civil war with Tyo/Arya while most people just tried to get the heck away from the mess. Anyone who escaped guildhall is still in hiding. Bund is gone, Junge escaped, Bakers left the city. AA was killed.

    There's a lot more, but most of it can be summarized as civilians dying and buildings burning.
    Junge only controls a few holdouts in the city now that will be swept up this turn. My forces of Riverwood now control most of the city, but we will have a painful time restoring order.
    Well coming out of hiding would be greatly appreciated as well. I can't restore order to this city alone.
    Hey can you let me into CityIOT Guildhall SG? It may end up being used again and I would like to participate.
    Is your voting 50% or 2/3? If it's the first, I think at least some of them have passed already
    Next update will be a lot more fleshed out than the opening one, so NPCs will be covered more.
    Hiya. Just so you know, my men are no longer going to be at the barricades by the time you actually receive the message. Just a heads up, do with it as you will :)
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