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  • Wonderful! Best of luck with those projects of yours and, of course, with that lady friend. Hope for the best!

    As for me, I'm just going on with studies and all. I applied for an exchange with La Trobe University in Melbourne, and waiting for an answer. Hopefully, I'll be there next February to June/July. Money is still an issue, so on top of applying for jobs I'm actually considering applying to go on some quiz show on TV. :lol: It all helps, right?

    I also actually began writing something. I think I'm getting decent at poetry after a couple years, but what I would really like to do now is write something more elaborate and lengthy.
    So how are your American travel plans coming along? Any chance you'll stop in Memphis at some point? If you do, try to try Gus's for fried chicken, Cozy Corner for pulled pork, Central for ribs, and a Ghost River Golden Ale for beer. And try to meet up with me, natch.
    Btw, Wilfred us a chaotically funnt masterpiece. Thanks.
    What are some good Sydney radio stations. I have TuneIn Radio Pro and I can listen to any streaming radio station and it would be a good way to connect with you.
    I am sooo tempted to subject you to Achy Breaky Heart for that, but lucky for you I don't think all of CFC should suffer for your insolence! :D
    Oh no not at all! I have to call BS when I think I see it but I'm not getting upset at it in the least. :)
    Holy S***! No, I didn't. I tried to DL on my android player and it was soooooo slow. I have a new 4G hot spot the effin' post office didn't even tell me they tried to deliver so now I have to walk down the block on Monday to get it. I will let you know then. My current connection is a donkey cart speed, so I can only link the videos I find, I can't watch them.
    Thanx for the link. I'll get to it.
    How are doing? Did that situation with the French lady and your Bali beach house work out?
    Any advice on housebreaking dogs? Little Lincoln is still hit ot miss and he just doesn't seem to get it. We have a bell hung from the door and everytime we take him out we make him nudge the bell and then give him a treat. In the 3 weeks we've had it he has rung it himself maybe 5 times. But usually he just pees or poops on the floor with no warning.

    We also put him out every hour at the least and he still makes messes. I understand now that he gave us such a hard tine when we first got him because he was much younger than we were told he was. But it's been months and little progress. :(
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