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  • I really think Nevada will be the true testbed for his support, and whether or not he can extend it to new demographics. Whatever happens there will highly influence South Carolina, moreso than Iowa or NH.
    It's hard to tell from the bubble that is Iowa City. As you can tell, I'm pretty much entirely surrounded by people who support Bernie. One of my roommates is a Bernie supporter, and the other says if anyone but Kasich gets the Republican nomination, and the competition is Bernie, he'd vote for him.

    From the Bernie side, it seems like everyone is pretty happy about the tie. I'd wager the Clinton people are also happy about the tie. It really is a win-win situation. I'd wager most people are glad it's over too. Canvassers yesterday were using the line "this is the last time we'll bug you," and I'm personally glad not to get 7 calls a day from phone-bankers and pollsters.

    As to going from here, I think a tie is pretty good advertising for Sanders. It shows he can break down the Clinton machine as well as getting his name into the news more. With a landslide in New Hampshire, I think he can go strong into Nevada.
    If you didn't catch my posts in the Democratic nomination thread, my precinct polled 100% Bernie. Hundreds of people turned out, and during the first round Hillary and O'Malley were both deemed nonviable with sub-15% support. All 6 delegates went to Sanders!
    I am! It's going to be a blast!

    I have no idea what it's going to look like in terms of Clinton vs. Bernie supporters, but I have a hunch we'll have a majority. I'll report back to CFC with my first hand observations afterwards.
    Oh yeah, I heard that came out, haven't checked it out yet. Listening on Spotify now.
    I don't think I ever will be, but I had a good laugh with Strong Bad's antics anyway. :D
    Also, best exercise ever. Learning professions and locations by pretending to be at an AA meeting? How very Russian!
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