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  • Might I direct you towards the GaPesque IAAR, Babylonian Statecraft, that I'm starting in the CiV forums to attempt to contribute to activity?
    I plan to tonight when the game starts :) Already have the introductory post pre-written out.
    Had to restart the server! You'll need to rejoin one more time! Sorry about the inconvenience.
    You mean writing a CivBE story? I don't know yet. I just might if I get it.

    And by saying that, you just gave me an idea.........
    I haven't played since the update so stagnant? You'll be the first to know when anything interesting happens
    For some reason you got put out of my friends list(not done on purpose), and when I try to send you another friend request, it says my friendship with you is "pending". :confused:
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