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  • No worries; it happens. You can certainly rejoin though, and we could definitely use some right-wing parties (the Emperor would be fully supportive of reactionary parties looking to increase his power...)
    Thanks! Actually there may be something I would like help on, and that it the AI characters... it is mostly making them speak more often in response to other players and being more active in the competition for power. If you are interested I could send you a guide to see how the AI works.

    Very excited of starting as well!
    So you are aware, you've been elected to hold the third seat of the capital of Pulias City in the "Realpolitik of the Smoky Skies - the Reboot" IAAR. If you're still active in that, you have about 5 days to post in the thread that you're active and claim the seat.
    Might I direct you towards the GaPesque IAAR, Babylonian Statecraft, that I'm starting in the CiV forums to attempt to contribute to activity?
    I already searched that, but they were several dot80s. I don't know which one is you. :D

    Edit: Well, I'm Heerlo on Steam, so you can add me if you want.
    I'll just try and ask him on Steam sometime today. He's online a good bit.

    Btw, what's your Steam name? I need to add you so we can communicate quicker.
    Working on things now. See the thread, I am rather busy. Creating an SG for the coalition now. I will likely address the Inner concerns of the party/coalition in the SG.
    Join the Guardian Party in RP 2014. It pretty much describes what you mentioned in the thread (although its not hung ho aristocratic, it is there). We are already in a coalition as well and will likely be on the winning side of the election.
    Just inquiring as to how long this turn is likely to endure, since I'm waiting to see if Nedim is not otherwise occupied and can fulfil the duties of shaman (if not I will just replace him with one of the NPC members of the TIPB so we aren't left hanging)

    Oh, and thankyou for that explanation on how the autocrats won the election. Most illuminating.
    oh ok, and the only way for someone else to become emperor is if the current emperor is disposed, correct, but then a new vote wouldn't take place then would it, it would go down a determined path of secession, probably all members of the autocrats.

    Also what would it have taken for the NPCs to have swung to my side? and is there any way i can get a good idea of what the NPCs think of me?
    Hey dot, can i get an explanation how I lost, factors that ended up in my loss, not that the NPCs didn't vote for me, but why they didn't vote for me.
    Because the Autocratic party tries to build a coalition, could you extend the limit to nomimations?
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