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  • Good N3S story. You should talk to NK about the story NES proposal; he's working on the street plan for the capital city of the Republic. I'm sure he would appreciate your input! I personally would appreciate ideas on governmental structure; I want it to be a little obtuse and complicated, incorporating Hanseatic and old Oxford University governance structures.
    A general history of Dis and the Choir would also be helpful. I'm considering having my city-state led by a rogue member of the Choir who is generally benevolent, but who is either asleep, slowly dying due to a curse, or partially insane. Still trying to figure it out.

    I haven't read much Vance either, though I also see elements of the Prince of Nothing trilogy that Perf got me involved in.
    I enjoy your proposed NES background a lot. It reminds me vaguely of Steven Erikson in ways, and of Dying Earth (for obvious reasons) in others.

    I look forward to receiving more background info so I can make a really good submission.
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