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  • I remember you posting something on the front page about the top ten most revolutionary video games of all time and the original Civilization was one of them. I was looking through the archives, however, and I couldn't find it. Could you give me a link or something?

    Thanks in advance!
    Saying it again, since you didn't reply to my last message :(

    Also, if I bought shares in INET, would that be part of CFC, or is INET "higher" up the internet food chain?
    could you sticky this thread. the thread is called. Place your mod ideas and suggestions it's in the Creation & Customization forum:D
    Just saying that I am now -BACK- and have the time to help wherever it may be needed :)
    Hello, can you please remove "-sticky this please-" from this thread's title, as its now sticky but the title still asks that :).

    Hey Thunderfall, the chat link needs to be changed as it is currently broken. http://www.civfanatics.com/chat is also very very outdated. Would it be possible to
    1) point the top nav bar to http://www.civfanatics.com/chat
    2) Update the chat page to use the mibbit client and the server info
    3) If possible could I get write permissions for the chatpage so I can help maintain it

    On another note, I am locked out on editing the topic. The url to the chat rules is broken. Sadly you are the only one who can currently edit the topic. Would you mind popping in so we can change topic changing permissions to 400?

    Thank you bunches!
    While my current financial power would prohibit such things. It is something that I would be very interested in, and something I believe would be viable in the not too distant future.
    Hello. Can you please change my user name to Kivanc which is my actual name (if that name is not occupied)
    i've been active with this camarilla name for a long time and i would be glad to use camarilla as a signature for some time. Is there any special way to tell other posters that i am camarilla or should i just do it from settings as adding a signature as "old name : camarilla" or sth like that
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