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  • Hello,
    The Dune Wars sub-forum has had a change of leadership. Please unsticky this thread, and sticky this thread. Thanks in advance!
    Hey, sorry to bother you(again!), but Cheezy the Wiz was my friend then broke our friendship.
    I don't know why, I hadn't said anything to annoy him...

    I asked him to give a reason why, but he didn't reply. He HAS been online since I posted the request, with obviously no intention of telling me anything. Please help... somehow. Even if it's just asking him what's up. He may have added me to his block list, but why?
    Hi, Thunderfall,

    I was wondering:

    Could you please delete the first instance of the poem "But Why?" in the Social Group 'We Who Write Poetry'? It's just, I corrected it, but then found I couldn't delete it. :blush: :badcomp:

    Anyway, it'd be really helpful and besides, that's what Editors do, isn't it?

    :thanx: Thanks,


    My Pet Hamster
    Hello, Thunderfall!

    I have a question.
    How to become a moderator?
    What to be needed to it?

    Hey Thunderfall!
    Long time no talk - hope life has been treating you good.
    Nice to see your website still up and running!

    I have decided to 'try' and finish the mod once again. Hopefully this attempt will bear fruit.
    Regarding the mod's thread - I am having difficulty getting to the last page. Some erratic things happen - kicked to page 1 of thread etc.

    Hi, I am a long time (14yrs) Civ fan, however I am new to the Fan site. I was looking for patches for Civ 4 esp BTS. Cannot seem to access the v1.61 patch anywhere. Can you help please.
    hi thunder, long time no speako (years).. do you know how to change the move time for civ2 mge? in mid of a multiplayer..

    thanks thunder
    Thunderfall? Can you make text codes like links work in social group descriptions? It is abit annoying they dont work =(
    Who do I talk to, to post a grievance against a moderator, who I believe is treating me unfairly?
    Hey, I'm getting tired of my current name. Everyone thinks I like The Matrix. I'd like it changed Mazera if it's open. If not, then you can just do Mazera09. If you cab do this for me, I'd be very grateful. Thank you.
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