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  • So you haven't been on here in three years but I was just randomly going old posts. If you ever come back: I miss a lot and some others surely feel the same way. You're the smartest poster CFC has ever had and your posts are thoroughly enjoyable to read (not being sarcastic or joking one bit).
    It is odd when such posters disappear without saying goodbye.
    I remember I told you I had an idea for a short story that I've been thinking about for years. Well I finally put some work into it and posted what I got if you are interested.
    No problem, I am usually just babbling when I have something on my mind that I need to vent :D
    Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I've read all of your recent comments in the space thread. I've been meaning to reply but it'll be a doozy and will have to wait till I have a solid hour and a half. :lol: Probably tomorrow though. :D
    Yeah. Too bad I've lost all the files with everything else on my HDD a while ago. That's one of the things which I really miss. All I have left of it are two pictures I've uploaded to imageshack :(
    Yeah, that's classic Pat ;) Not that he often isn't right, but sometimes he's totally off in his 'analysis'.
    Nice put down in the procurement thread. You put it way better than I was trying. I'm as much USA#1 as the next 'murican but his tone is so utterly dismissive of everyone else.
    I can't explain this in words, but I was expecting you of all people to post in my "british girls versus polish girls" thread.
    Since there is a possibility that terrorists miught operate in outer space, should the U.S. invade outer space and overthrow its government?
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