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  • Well, firstly, the Republican support of Napoleon's Haiti expedition would be hard to square with an ultimatum or occupation of Louisiana. So there's that.

    If I, personally, could have made these decisions by executive fiat without other considerations, I would have opposed Napoleon's Haiti expedition and ordered the occupation of New Orleans if the Spanish attempted to play hardball over the rights of American shipping there. But that would be unrealistic.
    Right now, the biggest powers that could be filled would the French Directorate, which is a Left Wing Coalition between Anarchists, Syndicalists, Jacobites, and others, and the re-established Spanish Kingdom, which has received the loyalty of the French Exiles and is preparing to divide up the French colonial empire
    Well what would interest you? I guess Austria-Hungary and China are the two biggest, but I don't know what you like to play
    Actually, I need a lot more from you. You haven't given me a clear list of holdings (whether they be cities, towns, or castles) or where they are. I recommend looking at other people's submissions. Providing a little mini-map is always nice, and then a brief description of each location. If you look at other people's submissions, you can see how they sometimes elaborate on their neighbors -- retainers, mostly -- but you can give what you want. The less you give, the more chances things around you will be unpredictable and created by me. :) But your house is significantly new, so not much historical background is required.
    MjMnes needs YOU to post your culture description by tonight, to ensure a bountiful harvest in the form of an update for all.
    Nicee. Yea our team sucks, we just joined a league last yr.

    What's your name? I'll add you on fb.
    woahhh holy cow I play in NYC with my high school team Hunter College High School Hawks.

    How about you?
    Current historiography seems to hold that that accusation of negotiation/treachery is just slander on Basiliskos and fallout from his OTL civil war with Zenon in the 480s, and that it didn't actually happen; it's certainly not necessary to describe the failure of the expedition itself. Certainly all of the anti-Basiliskan material seems to date from after the civil wars; the contemporary Hydatius, for instance, does not mention any accusations of negotiation or treachery.
    Is there a due date for orders currently? I am waiting for a response for PMs from certain persons, but I can send orders if necessary. I presume around September 15th?
    Hello Yui108, do you have any interest in continuing as Ethiopia in BirdNES 3? I am opening that game.
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