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8 Ages of War Alpha v1.0.1

Overhaul of promotions for land units as well as nerfing of ranged units and small boost to the mili

  1. Olleus
    Installation instructions
    Download (link to top right of this page) and unzip into your mod folder. The file path should be read
    .../My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/8 Ages of War/8AgesOfWar.modinfo
    When creating a new game go to additional content and click 'enable mod'. When loading games afterwards, this is not necessary.

    Does warfare feel slightly wrong to you in Civilization 6? Do you get annoyed that spamming archers is the solution to every problem? Tired of useless promotions like 'Commando' that just get in the way?

    Then 8 Ages of War is the mod for you! The aim is to turn the art of war in Civilization 6 into something more balanced, more interesting, and more immersive. Currently this involves redoing promotions for all land units, a nerf to range units and a boost to military engineers. This includes fixing numerous bugs in the vanilla promotions and rewriting the tool tips to make them explicit. Future plans include giving players a way of defending themselves if they lack resources, preventing submarines from raiding in land and a shift in the way the late game works by adding units such as the mortar and paratroopers.

    This mod will not be dealing with the AI. Excellent mods that deal with this already exist, such as Siesta Guru's AI+

    No issues with compatibility reported so far. Clashes are expected with mods that also affect promotions or ranged units or the military engineer.

    I recommend using this mod in conjunction with AI+ and 8 Ages of Pace

    Change Log
    Promotions for the 6 land unit classes have been redone. To make the descriptions as clear as possible melee combat is called "close-quarter" combat while the warrior/swordsman/... line of units is called "melee class". A similar distinction has been made between ranged attacks and attacks specifically from a "range class" unit (slinger/archer/...). The aim is to make every promotion a reward and useful, while preventing them from being overpowered and blurring the distinction between the unit classes.

    The new promotions for the melee and anti-cavalry line of units are
    Spoiler :

    This allows melee class units to specialise either in fighting in the field against similar units, or urban fighting against similar units. The anti-calvalry class can either further boost their skill against horses, or can improve their front line durability (specially useful if you are lacking in resources).

    For ranged and siege units the new promotions are
    Spoiler :

    Ranged units start off by picking their target choice, and then specialising either in moving into attack or in defending their home territory. The hugely overpowered attack-twice promotion has been removed. Siege units have to pick between survivability and offensive power.

    And lastly the two cavalry lines
    Spoiler :

    Light cavalry can either be used as a stand alone scout/raider, or as a supporting flanking force to your main army. Heavy cavalry gets bonuses which either help it in a front line role or to hunt other cavalry. Absurd bonuses to urban fighting have been removed, but if you use all four branches you can have a reasonably balanced army consisting only of cavalry!

    Changes to existing units are
    Spoiler :

    • Military engineer now has 4 build charges rather than 2
    • Military engineer now acts as battering ram
    • All ranged 2 land units have had their combat strength and ranged combat reduced by 10. An archer is now just a range 2 slinger.
    • Ranged 1 land units (Saka horse archer, crouching tiger cannon, etc...) have had their combat and ranged combat strength reduced by 5.

    Known Issues
    Loading a saved game from within an existing game will cause the localisation text to not load properly. The game will still function fine, but you wont be able to read the names or description of the promotions. This is solved by quiting to desktop and relaunching the game. This bug is due to the way Civ6 vanilla handles mods and cannot be fixed by me at the moment.
    I have extensively tested the new promotions so I am confident that they are triggered when they should. However I couldn't do exhaustive testing so it is likely that something has slipped through the net. Please post here if you find a bug!

    What about the AI?
    I haven't touched the AI, unfortunately there seems to be no way to tell it when to pick which promotions. However, as the promotions are more balanced now what ever it picks is going to be of some use to it. Combined with the large nerf archers have received it (now just range 2 slingers) the game is somewhat harder.


    1. melee.jpg
    2. anti-cav.jpg
    3. ranged.jpg
    4. siege.jpg
    5. heavy-cav.jpg
    6. light-cav.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. Fall patch update

Recent Reviews

  1. BlackLaser
    Version: Alpha v1.0.1
    Thanks for the great work, the mod is excelent. I'd like to report one possible bug: I tried to attack an enemy spearman (it had one promotion) with my heavy chariot and in the combat summary it said that the spearman has +5 strengh due to "vs melee and anti-cavalry". Isn't chariot neither melee nor anti-cavalry and this bonus shouldn't be applied only to like warriors and other spearmen attacking?
    One more thing I feel like sharing: I'm playing on deity with 8 ages of pace + 8 ages of war + ai+ + civ6++ and archers are completely useless, I know they were overpowered in vanilla, but the nerf they'd got from 8 ages of war is too much I think. Also slingers have 0 melee power after the nerf (AI slingers have 6 power due to deity bonus) and the battle summary doesn't show for them because of that.
  2. Sesostris
    Version: Alpha v1.0.1
    Thank you for making the promotions more sensible and interesting.