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8 Ages of War v1.3.0 Release

Overhaul of promotions for land units as well as nerfing of ranged units and small boost to the mili

  1. Olleus
    Installation instructions
    Option A: Get it from steam at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137472495
    Option B: Download (link to top right of this page) and unzip into your mod folder. The file path should be read
    .../My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/8 Ages of War/8AgesOfWar.modinfo

    Does warfare feel slightly wrong to you in Civilization 6? Do you get annoyed that spamming archers is the solution to every problem? That cavalry is better than infantry at every single thing?Tired of useless promotions like 'Commando' that just get in the way? Confused about the 3 different meanings of melee in the game?

    Then 8 Ages of War is the mod for you! The aim is to turn the art of war in Civilization 6 into something more balanced, more interesting, and more immersive.

    This mod is not compatible to those that add new units, it can't balance things it is not aware of! However, it does work with new civilizations *provided* that their UU is a replacement of an existing unit and not a brand new one. There might be clashes with mods that completely revamp the tech tree or social policies too, but I haven't noticed them.
    My recommended mods to go with this game are:
    • 8 Ages of Pace: Gives you time to use units before they obsolete
    • Mads Tech Tree: Better tech tree puts units in more meaningful positions
    • AI+: Better AI simply makes for better wars
    • CQUI Community: Because without a good user interface the game is just too hard to play


    The mains changes are:
    • 10 new promotion trees for the land and sea units!
    • Small changes to the stats of most land units (see table)
    • Completely revamped naval warfare! Naval melee units can now coastal raid (and so can pop goody huts!) and are cheaper. Naval ranged have a weaker attack but stronger defence and more expensive. Privateer/Submarine/Nuclear
    • Submarine cannot raid or attack land units, but have the most powerful attack against other ships with an extra bonus against embarked units. (Embarked units are slightly tougher in later eras to compensate.)
    • Ranged units much weaker across the board. Machine gun renamed to 'Mortar' and has range 2.
    • Anti-cavalry class units are much cheaper to produce and maintain and have +15 vs cavalry units. New Fusilier unit added between pikeman and anti-tank crew, which itself has been pushed back one era (modern anti-tank removed).
    • New policies that give +50% production towards anti-cavalry and siege units.
    • All heavy and light cavalry units more expensive to build and very costly to maintain. Cavalry unit itself moved forward to late renaissance.
    • Melee class land units have +12 vs anti-cavalry units.
    • More charges for the military engineer, and acts as a battering ram.
    • Slight changes to unit resource requirements.
    • All UU (DLC included) have been changed inline with common units.
    • Norway and England have had their ability adjusted (Norway gets extra gold from raiding, England get free anti-cavalry, including redcoats, on founding distant cities).
    • Workaround for buggy Hoplite adjacency bonus.
    • Clarified in game text when referring to ambiguous terms like 'Melee'
    The new unit stats are summarised in
    New land units rota [Ranged Strength/Combat strength (m=moves, r=range)]
    Era Melee (+12 vs Anti-cav) Anti-cav (+15 vs cav) Heavy Cav Light Cav Ranged (-17 vs cities) Siege (-17 vs units) Recon
    Ancient Warrior 20 Spear 28 Chariot 30 (m3+1) Slinger15/5(r1) Archer 18/7 Scout 10 (m3)
    Classical Swords 36 (Iron) Horseman 34 (m4) (Horse) Catapult 28/16
    Medieval Pike 44 Knight 46 (m4) (Iron) Crossbow 34/22
    Renaissance Musket 54 (Niter) Cavalry 52 (m4) (Horse) Bombard 46/34 (Niter)
    Industrial Fusilier 62 Field Cannon 52/40 Ranger 55/45 (r1 m3)
    Modern Infantry 72 Tank 72 (m4) (Oil) Artillery 68/52
    Atomic AT Crew 80 Helicopter 80 (m5) (Aluminum) Machine Gun 70/58 (r2)
    Information Mech Infantry 90 (m3) Modern Armor 90 (m4) (Uranium) Rocket Artillery 84/64 (r3)

    New naval units rote [Ranged Strength/Combat strength (m=moves, r=range)]
    Era Naval Melee Naval Hunter (+12 vs embarked) Naval Ranged Naval Carrier
    Ancient Galley 28 (m3)
    Classical Quadrireme 24/30 (r1 m2)
    Renaissance Caravel 52 (m4) Privateer 52/42 (r1 m4) Frigate 42/48 (r2 m3) (Niter)
    Industrial Ironclad 64 (m5) (Coal)
    Modern Submarine 70/60 (r1 m5) Battleship 60/66 (r3 m5) (Coal)
    Atomic Destroyer 82 (m7) Carrier 65 (m5) (oil)
    Information Nuclear Sub 88/78 (r1 m6) (Uranium) Missile Cruiser 78/84 (r3 m5) (Aluminium)

    The new promotions are, for land units:
    MeleeProms.jpg AntiCavProms.jpg RangedProms.jpg SiegeProms.jpg LightCavalryProms.jpg HeavyCavProms.jpg
    and for naval unit,
    NavalMeleeProms.jpg NavalRangedProms.jpg NavalHunterProm.jpg

    More screenshots available on steam at the link above.
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Recent Reviews

  1. BlackLaser
    Version: Alpha v1.0.1
    Thanks for the great work, the mod is excelent. I'd like to report one possible bug: I tried to attack an enemy spearman (it had one promotion) with my heavy chariot and in the combat summary it said that the spearman has +5 strengh due to "vs melee and anti-cavalry". Isn't chariot neither melee nor anti-cavalry and this bonus shouldn't be applied only to like warriors and other spearmen attacking?
    One more thing I feel like sharing: I'm playing on deity with 8 ages of pace + 8 ages of war + ai+ + civ6++ and archers are completely useless, I know they were overpowered in vanilla, but the nerf they'd got from 8 ages of war is too much I think. Also slingers have 0 melee power after the nerf (AI slingers have 6 power due to deity bonus) and the battle summary doesn't show for them because of that.
  2. Sesostris
    Version: Alpha v1.0.1
    Thank you for making the promotions more sensible and interesting.