**Updating Affects Saved Games**

1. Subscribe this mod and all the required mods. (see below)
2. Select the mods in-game then load all required mods including 'A World of Ice and Fire'. You should have atleast a total of 5 mods selected and enabled namely,
- A World of Ice and Fire
- Winter is Coming to Civ Deluxe
- ASOIAF The White Walker
- ASOIAF The Night's Watch
- ASOIAF Braavos
3. Go to Set Up > Advanced Set Up then find and select 'A World of Ice and Fire' map.
4. Go back to normal Set Up screen. Check the 'Load Scenario' box under Map Type.
5. Select your faction and difficulty. Begin the game. Enjoy

**Manual Download Links**

- A World of Ice and Fire (v15): https://www.mediafire.com/?4i19d4n6hkw2j98

- Required Mods: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8y5bmb33k9jyt7p/Required_Mods.rar

(Extract all files into \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS then follow instruction no. 2)

**Required DLCs and Mods**

1. Gods & Kings + Brave New World DLCs + All Civs DLC

2. Winter is Coming to Civ Deluxe v7 by sebitudoreci:

3. ASOIAF White Walkers v2 by IlMatteo:

4. ASOIAF The Night's Watch v1 by IlMatteo:

5. ASOIAF Braavos v1 by IlMatteo:

Playable Factions:
1. House Targaryen
2. House Stark
3. House Lannister
4. House Baratheon (Stannis)
5. House Baratheon (Renly)
6. House Tyrell
7. House Arryn
8. House Tully
9. House Martell
10. House Greyjoy
11. The Free Folks
12. The Dothraki
13. The White Walkers
14. The Night's Watch
15. Free City of Braavos

Victory Condition:
- Domination only; Conquer all original capitals.

Scenario Info:
- A huge detailed map spanning from Westeros to Essos with accurate cities, wonders, resources, heroes and geography based on A Song of Ice and Fire.
- Cities cannot perform range attack and are easier to conquer.
- Mythical Creatures are secretly presented in the map namely, the Ice Dragon, Kraken and Nagga.
- Game starts in 298 AL and progress a month for each turn.
- Some factions are permanently at war with each other to serve domination purpose.
- Disabled Science with pre-techs discovered in Seven Kingdoms Age.
- Disabled Settler (Collective Rule will spawn a Great Merchant)
- Complete Kills Enabled.
- Full 'Honor' policy for all factions as start-up.
- Some cities are determined to be first turn conquered according to series at the initial of War of the Five Kings.
- Allow Promotion and Policy Saving

*Recommended Mods to Enhance Gameplay*
1. Smart AI: Helps improve much of the AI's movement and gameplay (i.e. move n' attack in the same turn)

2. InfoAddict: Add deeper mechanic of information in the gameplay

*You will have a great time waiting for The Winds of Winter and Game of Thrones Season 7 releases, so please do Rate. It will be appreciated.*
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