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Advanced Civ 0.96e

Aiming at challenging, non-degenerate gameplay; based on K-Mod.

  1. v0.96c (bugfixes)

    This update only contains bugfixes, namely those from the v0.96b hotfix ...
    - Traits category in Sevopedia wasn't working (bug report)
    - AI-controlled Carracks were freezing the game in rare circumstances (bug report)
    ... and these additional bugfixes:
    - Human units set to automatic exploration were unable to heal (bug report)
    - Two errors leading the AI to cancel resource deals erractically

    The main download link includes the whole (updated) mod as always; however, for an update from v0.96, it's enough to replace AdvCiv\Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.dll with the updated DLL (separate download) and (just for the Sevopedia bugfix) to also update AdvCiv\Assets\Python\Contrib\Sevopedia\SevoPediaMain.py (separate download - "save link as..."). The updated DLL for up to 48 civs can be downloaded here.
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