1. E

    Fair Wonder Competition 2.0

    OVERVIEW Tired of AI deploying Le Secret de la Potion Magique infused Asterix & Obelix to steal all the Wonders from you? Fair Wonder Competition (FWC) is a mod that cuts down AI's insane production towards building Wonders so it's actually possible for player to compete with AI for early...
  2. C

    [BNW] Some XML values (traits/difficulty) not being applied

    I'm making a small balance mod, and I need help getting my changes to traits and AI difficulty to apply in-game. I should start off by saying I don't use ModBoddy for the simple reason that I can't look at such a bright screen. Instead, I skim through the vanilla files until I find the XML...
  3. P

    Late Game AI

    I uploaded my mod yesterday and I am not sure why the discussion for it was deleted. So I am manually opening this thread here and I hope that a mod can attach it to the resource later. Overview: "Late Game AI" immensely buffs the AI's late game with a new scaling method. The AI will be very...
  4. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 393: Of Portugal and Feitorias

    The three hundred-and-ninety-third episode of PolyCast, “Of Portugal and Feitorias“ is now available for streaming on polycast.civfanatics.com. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan". Topics for this episode...
  5. DrCron

    Found a way to make the game longer and more challenging

    Hey everyone, this week I tried something different and had a lot of fun. I struggled to win, and only got the lead in the last 10 turns or so (standard speed, HK difficulty): It's a simple idea really: force everyone to an isolated start. In this case it was 8 cultures and I created a map...
  6. DrCron

    AI persona skill

    Hi everyone, I recently won my first game on HK difficulty with a random group of rivals, and now I'm trying to win one against the 6 "expert" AI personas (plus one "advanced" since I need 7 rivals). It seems to make a difference, they are a bit faster and they take the indepent cities almost...
  7. Maat

    New to game

    I’m relatively new to the game I build in random places never really plan anything or know that districts you build can give points to a certain tile is there a way to better understand these things? I am going relatively great and leading on prince difficulty, any suggestions would help
  8. M

    Alternative Difficulty for VP 14

    Deity should be much harder than current VP. Hopefully there will be a difficulty which works for everyone though. Feedback would be awesome:) Link of me playing using it below:
  9. Gaurav

    More help with smoother difficulty

    Hi, all, and thanks in advance. I cannot play at high difficulties (king or above) because I just get wiped out in the ancient era. I'm probably just not that good at knowing all the details of the game, aren't aggressive enough, or whatever. I get wiped out by barbarians and/or the ai. Fine...
  10. M

    Alternative Difficulty Settings

    I've made some posts in the past with my thoughts on AI bonuses such as this: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/my-idea-for-difficulty-scaling.662051/ But basically my main idea is to give the AIs cost reduction instead of bonus yields Obviously it's quite hard to discuss changes when you...
  11. CivGumby

    modding Difficulty - most direct route?

    Hi, I am interested in modding The Difficulty (such as found on this page = https://civ6.gamepedia.com/Game_difficulty). What would be my most direct route to doing so. I have been exploring the tutorials for creating new leaders and civs, but really I just want to edit these values for...
  12. T

    [GS] What effect does game speed have on difficulty?

    I was curious as to the consensus among better players than I. :) I tend to prefer Marth length games, as it means I have the time to march troops around and actually conduct a war. However, my suspicion is that I am using game speed to conceal inefficiency in my play-style. I'm also not sure...
  13. Bliss

    [R&F] Just started playing RF years after purchasing the base game, tried an Immortal game and [...]

    [...] I know people find the AI to be very bad, but my case looks a bit too much. My game seems broken. Are these numbers correct? I have three times the science output of the 2nd most scientific civ.
  14. Zobtzler

    Issues with custom difficulty icons not showing up in game

    I have added a custom difficulty (apart from settler, chieftain etc). I've added the .dds and .tex files, xlps etc. The only thing that seems to be missing is a column in the database where each difficulty is connected to each icon. For reference: The Players table has two columns called...
  15. JamesNinelives

    Are City-States more vulnerable on higher difficulties?

    This just occured to me as I've been seeing city-states captured a lot lately, and I'm used to playing on lower difficulties. The AI produces more units on higher difficulties and tends to maintain a large army. Has anyone else noticed city-states being captured more/less on different settings...
  16. L

    AI Science speed editor

    Increases the science generation speed of the AI based on what era it is in. Ever felt like the game is challenging for the first half, then around the Renaissance the ai's bots just fall behind? This mod adds a percentage boost for the science speed of every AI city, depending on its era. By...
  17. Plaidman

    Can Host: LAN Party/Multiplayer questions (gameplay)

    Hey Civ Fanatics: In a few weeks I'm hosting a big multiplayer Civ game with a few of my friends (between 4-8 players), and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly. To that end, I'm wondering if you can offer any setup advice, especially with respect to these questions: -How long does an...
  18. N

    Ai Mother Has Died(A.M.H.D) difficulty 1.0

    just simple Ai Mother Has Died mod science, culture boost 8%->37.5% (duety ai bonus 32%->150%) production, gold boost 20%->25% (duety ai bonus 80%->100%) faith boost 8%->25% (duety ai bonus 32%->100%) combat bonus boost 1->2 (duety ai bonus +4->+8) and add food boost 0%->25% (duety ai bonus...
  19. Exterrestrial


    I really wish there was a difficulty level between king and emperor, or, better yet (but not gonna happen, I know) improvement to the AI so they don't need atificially added bonuses like the extra settler. I'd love a balanced competition instead. King is far too easy - I just played a game and...
  20. Gwoxenox

    What difficulty does Autoplay AI use?

    So I recently downloaded Gedemon's autoplay mod as well as using FireTuner's autoplay function, and I've been experimenting with various AI battle royales. At first I started selecting Prince difficulty as the wiki states that this is the difficulty where the human and AI players have no bonuses...
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