1. K

    Developers please add this simple AI script to Red death AI 😊

    I thought red death was amazing, however my only problem is that I honestly don’t have enough friends to play it with. Even though I absolutely love the mode 😔. I would love for the AI to have more power, more specifically, a scrip that causes them to get a free unit, spawned on their original...
  2. C

    Industrialization Victory and AI

    First off, love the mod! In my current game I wanted to achieve an Industrialization Victory, but it seems like this is not really possible since the AI is extremely far ahead, e.g., 7500 of 10000, whereas I stand at 3000 or something. At the same time, the AI is not particularly stronger...
  3. King Phaedron

    2 World Wars and Competitive Score Victory

    World War 1 and 2, as Events that begin in the World Congress, likely in the Modern and Atomic Age: The conflicts will exist between the player with the highest game score, and the second highest game score, regardless of whether they are allies. The events happen automatically, putting the...
  4. Birdjaguar

    AI and Art

    Does It Matter to You if AI Makes a Work Of Art You Love? WSJ Readers Are Divided New tools amplify the efforts of artists and amateurs. Should this change how we feel about art? BY DEMETRIA GALLEGOS SOME ARTISTS, musicians and authors have dedicated themselves to years of grueling training...
  5. E

    Fair Wonder Competition 2.0

    OVERVIEW Tired of AI deploying Le Secret de la Potion Magique infused Asterix & Obelix to steal all the Wonders from you? Fair Wonder Competition (FWC) is a mod that cuts down AI's insane production towards building Wonders so it's actually possible for player to compete with AI for early...
  6. Birdjaguar

    Cool Pictures from the Mind of a Machine: AI Generated Pictures

    In order to keep our "Cool Pictures" thread from becoming full of AI generated images, this thread is for AI pictures of substance, beauty, and imagination. The Pope does not have such a jacket. Captions are encouraged. Do not spam this thread.
  7. PlutonianEmpire

    [TOT] [ToTPP] AI civs are refusing to fight

    I have encountered an unplayable problem where all AI civs refuse to fight each other or even me. This happens no matter what mod or scenario I use. I am on 0.18.4, and I have this issue on previous versions too. I ran an AI Original game and started with Marco Polo's Embassy to keep track of AI...
  8. nzcamel

    The AI cannot value resources well, even at higher levels.

    I'd expect this on Chiefdom or Warlord, but Immortal!? TBF I do have a decent relationship with Hungary, though I was getting a similar deal even when he wasn't friendly to me, nor did I have an embasy there. Why can't they appreciate that (usually) luxuries are worth one for one? I appreciate...
  9. U

    ( Barbarians Not Attacking City Center?

    I started playing Civ VI again, after an absence of a few months, and I've noticed something strange: Barbarians attack my units and plunder my improvements, but, when they come right next to my city center, they sit there indefinitely doing nothing, until I kill them, whereas I recall...
  10. P

    Late Game AI 8.29

    IMPORTANT: 1. This mod was designed for use in combination with Infixo's "Real Strategy" mod. It also works fine without it or with other mods like AI+, but the AI will be a lot worse at getting a culture victory, will generally win quite a bit slower and will also be worse at defending their...
  11. CppMaster

    [GS] Which AI mod is the best?

    I'm interested in better decision making. I'm considering: AI+ Real Strategy (AI) Also Smoother Difficulty 2.0 seem interesting even if doesn't change decision...
  12. Iconian

    [BNW] How do flavors actually work?

    How do flavors work, most specifically with regard to unit/building costs and usefulness? Let's say there's a combat unit that costs 25 production and has 5 attack, and another unit that costs 150 production and has 10 attack. How should I assign each of them with Offense/Defense flavors, and...
  13. King Phaedron

    Retreat and Reinforce

    The length of a turn is never less then a season, and that is only on marathon at the very end of the game. Most turns are 5-20 years. I get why unit movement has to scale the way it does, but lets be realistic here: when you start a war it doesn't take hundreds of years to reach a nearby city...
  14. Dantavian

    [BNW] AI Science

    Is there a way to give the AI per era science bonuses, or something that will allow the AI to keep up in science output as the game progresses? Pref. something in the XML. Thanks.
  15. Dantavian

    [BNW] AI unit upgrades and general AI balance

    Hello, I have been playing King difficulty. I find this a nice level to play until the snowball effect and I run away with the game. I have been experimenting with adjusting the balance so the ai can keep pace but without me in turn having to resort to gamey tactics and repetitive gameplay of...
  16. CppMaster

    AI struggles with Archipelago map

    I've created a small archipelago map with high water level and 6 Civs that have unique ships, because I wanted to focus on naval warfare. AI produced way too many land melee units, which were useless outside of boosting cities defense. That production could go to ships (which AI made a very...
  17. Recursive

    Peace Logic for Upcoming 1.1 Version

    Here's the revised peace logic for the upcoming version 1.1, in great detail. Feel free to suggest how this could be improved. Wrote this up somewhat hastily so feel free to ask if anything seems unclear. [PART 1: INITIAL CHECKS] 1. Peace Blocked - If game options "Permanent War" or...
  18. G

    I Was on a Winning Streak, Then the AI Started Hustling Me!

    I'm not sure what, if anything changed, but shortly after winning enough games handily, I'm suddenly finding it much harder to find that same mojo. I've been playing Metropolis difficulty on a Huge map at Endless speed (because even that barely seems to leave me with a satisfactory span of time...
  19. JamesNinelives

    Should the AI build more workers?

    Something that always confuses me is why the AI sometimes leaves a bunch of tiles unimproved when the cost/benefit of improving them is usually worthwhile. I'm not sure how the worker logic is written but I figure if they build more workers then they would probably get around to improving their...
  20. E

    [] AI units clear Barbarian Camp my unit is standing in

    Barbarian Clans mode, seen in several different games. Usually while farming/camping a barb camp, having a unit fortified and healing inside the camp and waiting to raid and/or clear said camp. The AI comes up with one or more units, moves on top of my unit, clears the camp and bounces back...
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