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Advanced Civ 0.96e

Aiming at challenging, non-degenerate gameplay; based on K-Mod.

  1. v0.96e

    (DLL allowing up to 48 civs: GitHub)


    The Dutch were unable to produce Galleons and East Indiamen (bug report)

    Free Missionary didn't match the chosen religion when playing with the "Choose Religion" option (bug report)

    AI war evaluation (UWAI component): When an AI civ was predicted to conquer a city with too few surviving attackers to continue the offensive, UWAI had erroneously ended the (simulated) offensive of the previous city owner instead of the new city owner. This error may have occurred fairly regularly during wars spanning more than one continent. (bug report)
    Other, lesser issues with interncontinental wars and AI peace terms remain unresolved. Hopefully, v0.97 will address those.

    Positive combat modifiers of human attackers were shown with a minus sign when hovering for combat odds. (bug report)

    The keyboard shortcut Shift+U for unloading all units from a transport had been overridden in v0.96 by a new shortcut for unselecting all units. Unselecting now uses the shortcut Shift+Alt+U (may have to hold those keys for a split second to suppress automatic unit cycling). (bug report)

    Fort and Forest Preserve weren't shown in Sevopedia. (bug report)


    +1 move for Frigate, Privateer, Ship of the Line. Removed the extra move that Ship of the Line had received with Coal since AdvCiv 0.94. [change id advc.905b]

    Machine Gun has +25% strength against Mounted units (was 10% in K-Mod, 0 in BtS). [advc.909a]

    Discussion about the two changes above (2nd half of the post): link

    Show rival techs even when tech trading is disabled (as in BtS – v0.96d had changed this). [advc.553] (discussion)

    Increased Barbarian creation rate on small continents by not rounding down unnecessarily in the computation of the number of Barbarians to place. [advc.300]

    Reduced the impact of sea level on distance maintenance. [advc.140] (In BtS, sea level didn't affect maintenance at all; AdvCiv has changed that.) With High sea level, distance maintenance should be about 10% less than in v0.96d and, with Low sea level, 10-15% greater. (related posts)

    Mixed Continents map: Increased the hill grain value on small landmasses, meaning that hills are spread out more evenly than in v0.96d. It had been too difficult to place cities with reasonable production yields along some stretches of coast. [advc.mxc]


    Replay screen dimensions adjusted to display resolution. [advc.106m]

    Thanks to Elkad, Pepo, Bestban and keldath for bug reports and suggestions.

    This Git commit includes the full list of changes – apart from this small last-minute change. Meanwhile, v0.97 remains work in progress.
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