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Ancient Techs Rebalanced (v6)

new techs / buildings / wonders for the ancient era

  1. Arkatakor
    I have had for quite a while a mod on steam that modifies the ancient era by adding hunting, fishing, mysticism, stone tools and the wood working techs and adds new buildings / wonders associated with those techs. As I have heard that there are players who have an aversion to using steam, I have decided to upload the mod here.


    Below are some brief details on what this mod offers:

    New Buildings

    Fire pit (+1 culture)
    Elder council (+1 science)
    Furrier (+1 gold from sheep, deer, fur, bison)
    Fish Traps: (+1 food, +1 food from crab / fish)
    Apiary (+1 food, +1 gold, +1 science)
    Carpenter (+1 production, 10% building production)
    Palisade (+2 city defense, +20 city HP)
    Myth of the Sea / Beast / Hero (mutually exclusive buildings that offer +1 faith and + 1 gold, culture, production respectively)

    New Wonders

    Lascaux caves (+1 faith from deer, cattle, deer, bison, horses, ivory)
    Labyrinth of Knossos (Enemy units receive damage by moving / ending their turn within 3 tiles of city in which its built. Damage significantly increased for barbarians.)
    Neolithic Kilns (+2 culure + 1 happiness from all granaries in empire)


    Compatible with any tech mod that does modify ancient era techs. Works with the Enlightenment Era and Future Worlds mods for example (I use them myself in conjunction with this mod).

    Installation Instructions

    Unzip the Ancient Techs Rebalanced - (v 6).zip file and copy the contents into your mods directory at:

    C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

    Steam Workshop

    The steam subscription link of this mod can be found here.

    Discussion Page

    Feel free to leave feedback, post suggestions in the discussion page.