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ARS - More Players v2.3

Allows an additional 4 players, 2 City States, and 1 Religion in each map size. MP cap raised to 48.

  1. Arstahd
    This mod enables an additional four players in each map size category, allowing for smaller maps to be more densely populated. Duel size can accommodate 8 players, Tiny up to 10, Small up to 14, etc...

    In addition, the City State limit has been increased by 2 for each map size, and the number of allowed Religions has been increased by 1.

    The Multiplayer limit has been extended to a maximum of 48 players.

    The Staging Room player list box has been enlarged to display about twice as many rows at a time.

    Compatible with the base game and both expansions.

    Players 01.jpg Players 02.jpg Players 03.jpg Players 04.jpg