Artifacts 1.1

Adds Artifacts to Promotions, allowing the creation of items.

  1. topsecret

    This SDK Mod adds various new tags that enable items and artifacts to be created under promotions.


    For Promotions
    <bArtifact> prevents a unit from collecting the promotion via experience. It must be obtained through buildings, units, traits, or (as added in this mod) projects.
    <bSaveFromCombat> hands the promotion to the strongest surviving unit if the unit with the promotion dies on defense.
    <bCanCapture> enables attackers and defenders both to capture the promotion. Note that defenders that SaveFromCombat will prevent it from being captured if there is another unit.

    For Projects
    <PromotionStrongestUnit> grants the specified promotion to the strongest unit that can use it. If no legal unit is available, a new unit will be created based on the draft unit without cost to receive the promotion.

    For Units
    Units that attach either a promotion or experience will be able to give those to other units. There is no longer a restriction on those tags.
    Great General births only give units that have both the LeaderExperience and LeaderPromotion tag.

    Source code included. All changes are marked with "Artifacts" and "Topsecret" with a respective date. The easiest way to find the changes is to search for Topsecret.

    Credits: merijn_v1 for coding help


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