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Assimilation 2016-10-05


  1. Kael
    Version 2

    [TAB]Assimilation adds 2 new game variant options and 4 challenge modes to the game. Outside of that nothing in the game has been changed. In fact if these options are selected int he custom game menu when the game is started it will play exactly as a normal game of Beyond the Sword.

    They are as follows:

    Game Variant Options:

    Assimilation: With this option selected captured cities retain their original build abilities. So if you capture an Egyptian city you will be able to build War Chariots (Egyptian UU) and Obelisks (Egyptian UB) in it. If you capture a Roman city you can build Praetorians and Forums in that city. Captured cities will not be able to build your real civilization units and buildings, so if you are playing as Babylon and you capture an Egyptian city you won't be able to build Bowmen (Babylonian UU) in it. You can now build diverse empires where samurai are trained in your Japonese holdings while your German territories enjoy the benifits of their Assembly Plants.

    [TAB]I've also add a text tag to the city bar stating a cities civilization if it doesn't match the players civilization to make it easy to see what a cities civilization is.

    Flexible Difficulty: With this option selected the difficulty level is checked every 20 turns. If the players rank (by score) is int he top third then the difficulty is increased. If the players score is in the bottom third, then the game difficulty is decreased. This can cause the difficulty level to go anywhere between settler and deity. Single player only.

    Challenge Mode Options:

    Barbarian World: The barbarians start the game with a free city for every player in the game.

    Final Five: Every 50 turns the lowest ranked player is removed from the game until there are only 5 players remaining.

    High to Low: Become the player with the highest score, then you switch to controlling the civilization with the lowest score. Raise that civilization to have the highest score and you will be switched again to civilization with the lowest score. That third civilization will be the one you have to win the game with. Single player only.

    Increasing Difficulty: Every 50 turns the difficulty level is increased by 1 until it reaches deity.

    [TAB]Enjoy the Mod, I probably won't be spending much time updating or supporting this. Modders are encouraged to use this and incorporate it into their own mods if they find it helpful, I only ask to be credited if you use it. All of the source code is contained with the download.


    [TAB]Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword version 3.17 or later.