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Blender Scripts for Civ V and Civ VI 16.3

Import/export scripts for Blender to work with Nexus Buddy 2/CivNexus6 graphics tools for Civ 5/6.

  1. Deliverator
    These are scripts for importing/exporting Civ V graphics to/from Blender via the Nexus Buddy 2 tool and Civ VI graphics to/from Blender via the CivNexus6 tool.

    16.3 Update
    * Re-instate correct BR2 export add on script for Blender 2.7*. Somehow the wrong one got included back in the 15.2 Update in September 2019. Sorry to anyone whose tried to use it since then and has experienced difficulties!

    16.2 Update
    * .na2 format Animation import script for Blender 2.8, updated from 2.7 version by Sukritact.
    * .na2 format is now referred to as "Civilization Animation" in all scripts given that the format may be used to extract animations from both Civ V and Civ VI.

    16.1 Update
    * Optimized load time for .na2 Animation import script in Blender 2.7*.

    16.0 Update
    * Animation import to 2.7* versions of Blender now working via the .na2 format. Actually the fix was a simple change to NB2 and CN6 import scripts. Many thanks to Magarto for finding this!

    This means animations from Civ V, Civ VI and Beyond Earth can loaded directly into Blender 2.7* versions for the first time.

    Will need to re-install and re-enable NB2/CN6 Import Addons for this to work.

    15.2 Update
    * BR2 Export: Use original normals, binormals and tangents for meshes imported from .cn6 format.

    15.1 Update
    * Ignore mesh modifiers that point to missing parent armatures in BR2 and CN6 export (Blender 2.7 and 2.8).

    15.0 Update
    * First version of .cn6 import/export scripts for Blender version 2.8, thanks to @sukritact.

    14.6 Update
    * Don't create VERTEX_KEYS with original Normals, Tangents and Binormals if they are all identical e.g. Nexus Buddy 2 exported .cn6.

    14.5 Update
    * CN6 Export: Don't use original normals if VERTEX_KEYS Vertex Group is deleted. This will now properly recalculate Binormals and Tangents when you export having deleted the VERTEX_KEYS Vertex Group.

    14.4 Update
    * Fixed serious bug where .cn6 import was not dividing weights by 255 but was instead using the raw values. This meant that all vertex weights greater than zero would be equal to 1 when imported rather than properly scaled within the 0-1 range. This fix should mean that you can remove/add to animated meshes such as units and vertex weights will be properly preserved during the .fgx -> .cn6 -> Blender -> .cn6 -> .fgx round trip.

    TL;DR - Vertex Weights were being mangled - now they are OK. :)

    14.3 Update
    * Blender 2.7 CN6 Import: Bone names containing spaces can now be imported.
    * Blender 2.7 CN6 Export: Incorporate Sukritact's fix for vertex bone weights not totalling 255.

    14.2 Update
    * CN6 Export: Now exports one vertex for each vertex/UV coordinate combination in a similar way to the BR2 export script.

    14.1 Update
    Changes to CN6 Export Script
    * Default data for 2nd and 3rd UV Map so you don't have to create them manually.
    * Added better exception handling.

    14.0 Version
    * Add .cn6 import/export scripts for working with CivNexus6. Read more here.

    13.1 Version

    * NB2 Import: Update all MAX_* values to allow complex models with 1000+ bones and many many vertices and triangles (e.g. Civ 6 Leaders) to be correctly imported to Blender.

    * BR2 Export: Only export single World Bone if there is only one bone and it has the same name as the Armature. This will be case if the original .nb2 only had one bone. This is useful for correctly exporting anything that has just a single bone (e.g. Civ 6 unit weapons and helmets).

    13.0 Version

    1. With both Blender 2.7+ and Blender 2.49 scripts it is possible to extract from .gr2 into Blender (via .nb2 format) and back into .gr2 from Blender (via .br2 format) without needing to use the FBX format at all. You can use the "Open BR2" function in Nexus Buddy 2.3.3 and all mesh and skeleton information should be preserved. You should only need to export to FBX if you are editing animations - even editing skeletons now works via .br2.

    2. Mesh object names are now suffixed with "#M" to ensure that they have a different name to Armature objects. This was causing vertex groups to be deleted when importing objects using only a single bone which is most of the Resources, Improvements, Wonders, etc. Editing or replacing static 3D assets ought to be a lot more straightforward with this fix. I can simply import the mesh to Blender via .nb2 and then use BR2 overwrite to put my updated/replacement mesh back into the Wonder/Improvement/whatever .gr2 file.


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