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Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch

Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch Version 5.8

To celebrate the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, this patch adds content from the new movie to Dune Wars: Revival 1.10. The patch has evolved into a modmodmod with a number of gameplay changes in addition to new artwork.

Presenting the Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch!


1. Install Dune Wars: Revival 1.10 via the installer or zip file.
2. Copy the DuneWars Revival folder from this zip file over the DuneWars Revival mod folder saying yes to overwriting of files.
3. If you want the new font to work in game you will to install the Font file MontserratAlternates-ExtraLight.otf from Dune Wars Revival/Resource/Fonts into your Windows Fonts.

Villeneuve Inspired Changes
* New Leaders!

- Lady Jessica (Bene Gesserit) [Charismatic/Religious]
- Chani (Fremen) [Organized/Protective]
- Gurney Halleck (Atreides) [Mercantile/Protective]

* New Leaderheads for:
- Paul Muad'Dib (Fremen)
- Liet-Kynes (Fremen)
- Stilgar (Fremen)
- Duke Leto Atreides (House Atreides)
- Duncan Idaho (House Atreides)
- Glossu Rabban (House Harkonnen)
- Gaius Helen Mohaim (Bene Gesserit)
- Baron Harkonnen (House Harkonnen)
- Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (House Harkonnen)
- Shaddam IV (House Corrino)
- Princess Irulan (House Corrino)
- Lady Margot Fenring (Bene Gesserit)

Artwork for almost every leader has been changed or improved.

* New Title Imagery

* New Era start images

* New intro video

* New faction flag graphics
based on the banners used in the film.

* New loading screen.

* New rankings in end game screen.

Other Cosmetic Changes

* Harkonnen Unit Order and Select Sounds changed from previous "comedy villian" voices.
* Pedia updated for the female Liet-Kynes of the Villeneuve Duniverse.
* New cosmetic design for Tech Advisor Screen.
* Newly redrawn and remastered Promotion icons replacing many lower quality ones.
* New 3D graphics for Improvements (Outpost, Insect Farm, Dwelling, Settlement, Village and Town), Buildings (Science Lab, Academy, Forgeworks, The Great Sietch) and Units (Mongoose Trooper and Fremen Great Burseg).












Gameplay Changes

Predominantly these are changes to the Fremen to present them with more interesting challenges and choices in the early game.

* Fremen now have a unique Worker unit who can build the unique Sietch and Trading Post Improvements

There are four grades of Sietch improvement that can only be built on tiles with the Caves Feature:

Nascent Sietch
+1 Commerce
+1 Commerce with Fresh Water
Becomes a Minor Sietch in 20 turns.

Minor Sietch
+1 Water
+2 Commerce
+1 Commerce with Fresh Water
+5% Tile Defense
Becomes a Major Sietch in 40 turns.

Major Sietch
+2 Water
+3 Commerce
+1 Production
+1 Commerce with Fresh Water
+10% Tile Defense
+1 Happiness in nearest city
Becomes a Sietch Fortress in 80 turns.

Sietch Fortress
+3 Water
+4 Commerce
+2 Production
+1 Commerce with Fresh Water
+25% Tile Defense
+2 Happiness in nearest city
Acts a city for combat purposes

Trading Post
+1 Commerce
+1 Water with Fresh Water
+1 Commerce with each of Water Economy, Offworld Trade and Protected Trade
Cannot be built within 2 tiles of another Trading Post

* Fremen Worker cannot build the Dwelling (Cottage) Improvement until Applied Agriculture is researched.

* Fremen now have a -1 Happiness penalty in all cities representing their difficulty in accepting authority, but 10% less XP is required for unit promotions (via the Fremen Leader trait).

* Paul's Traits changed to Philosophical and Religious and Chani's Traits changed to Organized and Protective.

* Deathstill unique building now only retains 40% of water after growth.

* Thopters can now gain Spotter Promotion following Desert Warfare II making them effectively invulnerable to Sandworms.

* Fremen Evasive Action Promotion added at Combat Ornithopters (+25% Withdrawal Chance; requires Fremen Water Debt).

World Builder and Scenario Changes

* World Builder saves can now be played as Scenarios.

* World Builder Diplomacy screens fixed.

The steps to turn your game into a playable scenario are:
1. Open the World Builder with Ctrl-W.
2. Make any changes you want to make.
3. Save the *.CivBeyondSwordWBSave file using the central icon in the top right.
4. Copy the file to ...\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods\DuneWars Revival\PrivateMaps
5. From the Main Menu select Single Player then Play a Scenario and you will now be able to select and play your World Builder save as a scenario.

Included in the game are four scenarios based on the Dune book map - one with all 10 factions and one with only the first book factions: Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino, Bene Gesserit and Fremen.

Any *.CivBeyondSwordWBSave with a suffix of "Generate" followed by the letters F, B, G will remove and regenerate Features, Bonus Resources and Goodie Huts (Botanical Testing Stations) respectively.

Spice is completed removed from the World Builder map on saving and then randomly re-added on load.

Enjoy! :)
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