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Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch 2.0

Adds content from Denis Villeneuve's Dune to your Dune Wars: Revival experience!

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    To celebrate the imminent trailer release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, this patch adds content from the new movie to Dune Wars: Revival 1.10.

    Presenting the Dune Wars: Revival - Villeneuve Inspired Patch!


    1. Install Dune Wars: Revival 1.10 via the installer or zip file.
    2. Copy the DuneWars Revival folder from this zip file over the DuneWars Revival mod folder saying yes to overwriting of files.
    3. If you want the new font to work in game you will to install the Font file MontserratAlternates-ExtraLight.otf from Dune Wars Revival/Resource/Fonts into your Windows Fonts.

    Villeneuve Inspired Changes
    * New Leaders!

    - Lady Jessica (Bene Gesserit) [Charismatic/Religious]
    - Chani (Fremen) [Charismatic/Protective]
    - Gurney Halleck (Atreides) [Mercantile/Protective]

    * New Title Imagery

    * New Leaderheads for:
    - Paul Muad'Dib (Fremen)
    - Liet-Kynes (Fremen)
    - Stilgar (Fremen)
    - Duke Leto Atreides (House Atreides)
    - Duncan Idaho (House Atreides)
    - Glossu Rabban (House Harkonnen)
    - Gaius Helen Mohaim (Bene Gesserit)
    - Baron Harkonnen (House Harkonnen)

    Artwork for the remaining 19 Leaders is currently unchanged.

    Other Graphics and Audio Changes
    * Harkonnen Unit Order and Select Sounds changed from previous "comedy villian" voices.



    Enjoy! :)
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