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[BtS] Civ of the Week: Anglo-Saxons (Redux) 2016-10-05

[BtS] Civ of the Week: Anglo-Saxons (Redux)

  1. cybrxkhan
    This is a redux of what was apparently my most popular old Civ of the Week civ. Enjoy.


    What is Civ of the Week?

    Spoiler :
    Civ of the Week is a “project” aiming at bringing you a new, fresh, exotic, and most of all, random, civ every 1-2 weeks, from all corners of the globe, from the Vietnamese to the Mittanni to the Iraqis.
    Each civilization features full civilopedia text entires, 1-2 leaders with slightly more unique attitudes (they're not simply a copy of another leader), a UU, a UB, audio, and full graphics.

    The purpose of Civ of the Week, then, is two-fold:

    1. To bring you random civs that would probably not have been chosen as civilizations first of all, and to provide a new, more exotic, more interesting experience in choosing civilizations.

    2. To promote more knowledge of lesser-known peoples, cultures, and histories.

    Otherwise, then, enjoy!

    Statistics and Information for the Anglo-Saxons:

    Spoiler :
    Description: The Anglo-Saxons were one of the many Germanic tribes that existed in the north of Europe around the decline of the Roman Empire. After the Roman Empire collapsed, the Romano-British, the last vestiges of Roman civilization in Britain, hired the Anglo-Saxons as mercenaries. However, sooner or later, the Anglo-Saxons turned on their masters and formed their own states.

    The Anglo-Saxons came to dominate most of modern-day England, though they were at constant battle with the Welsh, the Scots, and the survivors of the Romano-British. They had about seven kingdoms at a time, known the heptarchy. The most powerful of these constantly switched back and forth. However, by the early 800s, the clear power of the Anglo-Saxons was the Kingdom of Wessex.

    During this time, the pagan beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons was slowly being replaced by Christianity, either in Celtic form or Roman form.

    Anyhow, in the mid-800s, the ruler of Wessex, Alfred the Great, rose to such power that (though he didn’t do it technically) he in one way or another was seen as the first true English king. A great learner, thinker, and wise ruler, he was humane, capable, and decent in an age of brutality and barbarism. He even accepted his old enemies, the Danes, into his kingdom, and made them the equals to the Anglo-Saxons.

    The Anglo-Saxon kingdom on England toiled on, one way or another, under the constant threat of Viking raids and invasions. However, it was a descendant of the Vikings, William Duke of Normandy (in France), who would finally vanquish them. In 1066, William launched an invasion of England that proved successful; he killed the last Anglo-Saxon king and took the English throne for himself. Thus ended the Anglo-Saxons as a political entity, although some of the Anglo-Saxon warriors escaped and became mercenaries in Europe, eventually finding their way into the Byzantine Varangian Guard.

    Leader: Alfred the Great (Creative, Charismatic)

    UU: Huscarl (Replaces Maceman) (Cheaper, and 75% against melee instead of 50%)

    Moot Hill (Replaces Courthouse) (+2 happiness)


    After downloading, unzip the contents into your BtS mods folder.


    - Psychic Llamas (for the building)
    - zenspiderz (for huscarl unit)


    1. alfredo_dbm.jpg
    2. huscari_OTr.jpg
    3. civilopedios_uh9.jpg