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BtS Farmers 2016-10-05

BtS Farmers

  1. The Navy Seal
    This MODCOMP adds a new improvement (Irrigation) and changes the current Farm improvement. Now instead of you being able to build farms when you have developed Agriculture you are able to Irrigate a plot. After 25 turns the Irrigation turns into a farm. The only thing different between the Farm and Irrigation is that Farms have a small chance (1 in a 1,000) of discovering a food resource (Wheat, Rice, and Corn). But you can't just discover Corn, Wheat, or Rice, You have to have Wheat in order to discover Wheat the same goes with Corn, and Rice. Enjoy! :thumbsup: BtS Compatable!:king:

    Discussion Here

    The Navy Seal for putting it together, and coming up with some of the Ideas.
    Zebra 9 For the Python.
    And Civfanatics for the idea. :thumbsup: