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[BTS] Soviet Union 2016-10-05

[BTS] Soviet Union

  1. Gurra09
    A Soviet Union civ that replaces Russia and adds a new leader, a new UU and a new trait.

    Description: Soviet Union
    Short Description: USSR
    Adjective: Soviet

    Starting Technologies: Hunting, Mining

    Lenin (Chm/Sec)
    Favorite Civic: State Property
    Favorite Religion: None

    Stalin (Agg/Sec)
    Favorite Civic: State Property
    Favorite Religion: None

    Unique Building:
    Research Institute (Laboratory)
    Cost: 250 :hammers:
    Unhealthy: +1 :yuck:
    Requires Superconductors
    +25% :science:
    +50% Spaceship Productioon
    Can turn 1 Citizen into Scientist
    +2 Free Scientist
    Requires Observatory

    Unique Unit:
    T-26 (Tank)
    Strength: 28 :strength:
    Movement: 2 :move:
    Cost: 135 :hammers:
    Requires Industrialism and Rifling
    Requires Oil
    Doesn't Receive Defensive Bonuses
    Starts with Blitz

    New Trait:
    Secretive (Sec)
    +2 :espionage:/City
    25% Faster Production of Spy
    Double Production Speed of Intelligence Agency, Security Bureau

    Refar and Dutchking for the Lenin leaderhead.
    asioasioasio for the T-26 unit.

    Comments in the thread, please: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=7966277


    1. sovietunion_4IH.jpg
    2. lenin_q0E.jpg
    3. t_26_6Nz.jpg