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Capture Great People for VP v3

Enables capture of Great People, diplomatic units, work boats and more; adds effects for GP capture

  1. Update to version 3

    This update introduces:
    • German and Russian localization
    • Space Ship Parts will now give a nice Science boost to the capturing player upon being captured and destroyed
    • tested to work with unique units that are part of MUCfVP and Leugi's Israel (all of those are Great General variants so they are treated normally as Great Generals, just like the Merchant of Venice is treated as a Great Merchant)
  2. Update to version 2

    This update changes:

    1. the promotion icon used for the "Heroes" promotion to one provided by the 7a) component of VP.

    2. Increases a bit the amount of yields you get from capturing GM, GS, GE; basically I raised the lower bound of the range that is then used for the RNG, so you'll still get less than the original owner would but a bit more than before, on average.