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great people

  1. Bonyduck Campersang

    Rethinking and Redoing Great Persons

    So I have a rough (and admittedly not very well thought out) idea of how to redo Great Persons concept-wise and mechanics-wise. In this post I might also refer to half-backed mechanics that do not exist in Civ 6. Great Persons are special civilian units, but now there are no different types of...
  2. G

    Joseph Paxton

    I just got Joseph Paxton, Great Engineer (Civ 6). His active ability is to provide +1 Amenity within an Entertainment District for each "regional building." I transferred him to Paris (playing as France) and activated him within the Entertainment Complex which has several buildings. Nothing...
  3. Mosile

    "Mad Lads" gamemode

    So I was recently thinking about a potential game mode that worked similarly to the Heroes gamemode, except instead of adding in fictional legendary people, it would instead add in real life individuals/groups. The current group of people I currently have in mind are people who were covered by...
  4. I

    GreatPersonIndividualBirthModifiers is not working

    Hello, my custom civilization has an unique great people class. It's look like Simon Bolivar. Everything is ok, except the GreatPersonIndividualBirthModifiers abilities are not working as it should. If I copy a modifier (example: MEDIC_INCREASE_HEAL_RATE) it's ok but with my custom modifier it's...
  5. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 411: We Left the Ladder In, Right?

    NOTE: This Episode was recorded on October 22, 2022. The four-hundred-and-eleventh episode of PolyCast, “We Left the Ladder In, Right?“ is now available for streaming on ThePolyCast.net. This episode features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan"...
  6. raen

    Civ 6 Great Explorer (Great People) 1.0

    Great Explorer, same great people points has the Great Admirals, but Land Unit instead For now, all are Portuguese, since the main Great Explorers started in Portugal. They evolved from great soldiers to great explorers of the Sea and new land, from the need of the new world discoveries...
  7. raen

    Grandes Exploradores are NAU! 2.0

    GRANDES EXPLORADORES (AKA Great Explorers) are here! Great Explorers instead of Great Admirals for Portugal: - Portugal Cannot Recruit Great Admirals and others cant recruit Great Explorers. Great Explorers are Land Units (and not ships like Great Admirals), in History, they were great...
  8. F

    Vertiginous GP economy with a shaka hiper AGG rush?

    Today I was thinking about the math for it. Given a N° of GP, would be min= 3 GPP /turn. Wonders will add another layer of complexity to it. Number of cities producing GP will have an effect on the frequency of their generation, which in each game dynamic, can be more than relevant. For...
  9. Hertingen

    Suggestion: Government/ideology overhaul and Great Philosophers

    Hi I am new here and created this account to share this thought that has been brewing since easter. I sometimes scan the boards on here to keep track of civ news, but for the time being I have little time for video games and even less so video game forums, so be nice if I am completely...
  10. L

    Great People alive today.

    What potential Great People are alive today too be worthy a place in Civ 10 released in an imaginary 2035? Elon Musk? Greta Thunberg? :)
  11. Duke William of Normandy

    Should Firaxis fix the portraits of Great People in Civilzation 6?

    Do you think it looks right having Martin Luther being portrayed as Gandalf the White with a longer beard than Guan Yu? Do you think Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi looked like Walter White with a thin-wire mustache? If not, or if so, vote on it!
  12. fairmanfour

    Nigerian Civilisation, Film Studio District, Great Filmmakers and Wonders

    So I had an idea about how to include Film into the game, as it has been an important cultural and political tool for over a century at this point. It would work in a similar way to the Theatre Square and the Great Writers/Artists/Musicians, unlocked in the Modern Era, and becomes very powerful...
  13. AaronTBD

    The 24 New Great People

    If you don’t know And one of the least talked about, yet probably one of the most important part of the leak was the fact that 24 new great people are added. Does this mean more great people in each branch, or does it mean an entirely new branch of great people all together? Does this...
  14. King Phaedron

    My Female Great Persons love the Circus

    What do Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Mary: shelly, leaky, Cassat, Katherine Goddard, and all other female great persons have in common? They love the Circus, they are the amazing Bearded Woman. I find it utterly ironic and farsical we have an entire forum dedicated for ideas and suggestions, but...
  15. Naeshar

    GPP Policies Adjustment

    I have created a rather simple adjustment of the Great Person Policies to let them give more points per district, just like the (former) Stockholm City state. Feel free to use in your projects.
  16. C

    Expanded concepts: Uniques beyond units and infrastructure

    Some time ago, I was considering the possibility of unique wonders as additional to Unique units and infrastructures, and I realized... why stop at unique wonders? So I got pondering as to what other uniques could become standard to all civs. (Previous threads: Conservation and National Parks...
  17. P

    [NFP] [] AI getting huge 20+ GP boost scientist points

    This is my first multiplayer game since getting NFP. About every other turn or so, they go from make 2-7 gp points in science, which is consistent with the game era, to suddenly making like 25-27 points per turn. This will stick around for a turn or two, then go back to the original value, and...
  18. CaPtivE

    Great People

    I think it makes sense to have Great Philosophers, given their historical importance. Not sure what particular benefits they would add, but I'll trust the devs with this. Maybe a combination or diversity of science and/or culture bonuses, or some unique benefits (similar to great merchants...
  19. J

    Getting every great person

    Is this something anyone has managed, and if so using what methods. Please feel free to share any tips or suggestions you have.
  20. J

    Recruiting classical era great people

    I've noticed that Classical Era great people start to become unavailable as early as 1,300 BC (IE: the next card to come out of the deck is Medieval era). I was wondering if anyone could lay out that particular mechanic. At what point will recruiting say, Hypatia, reveal some Great Scientist in...
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