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Capture Great People for VP v 1

Enables capture of Great People, diplomatic units, work boats and more; adds effects for GP capture

  1. civplayer33
    This mod is based on Whoward's original Capture Great People and allows the capture of many unit types that cannot be captured otherwise in VP; the following unit types are actually captured, such that they are then controlled by the capturing player:
    • Great Artists
    • Great Writers
    • Great Musicians
    • Great Diplomats
    • Great Prophets
    • all diplomatic units
    • Work Boats
    • Inquisitors
    Take note, however, that Great Diplomats and Great Prophets will not be able to construct their special improvements (Embassies and Holy Sites) while they are still considered prisoners of war (as denoted by the promotion they receive upon capture). They can still be used for their other purpose, however (gaining Influence with a City State or religious conversion, respectively). This is intentional and the PoW caption as well as the notification upon capture communicate this to the player.
    Settlers are not touched by this mod (usually they will become workers upon capture in VP) and Missionaries as well as Workers can already be captured in VP, which this mod does not impede or change.

    The following unit types are destroyed upon capture but trigger a special effect for the capturing player:

    • Great Engineer (gives a production boost in the capital)
    • Great Scientist (gives a research boost)
    • Great Merchant (gives an amount of Gold)
    The amount of yields given depends on the amount that unit would have given to its original owner if used in that expenditure mode and a random factor, but will tend to be less than it would give for the original owner.

    Lastly, the following unit types will give a bonus to the capturing unit:

    • Great General
    • Great Admiral
    This bonus comes in the form of a special promotion by the name "Heroes", which lowers the strength of adjacent enemy units by 10%, as the reputation of the capturing unit will precede it and instill a small amount of awe in surrounding enemies.

    As stated above this mod is based on Capture Great People by William Howard and is merely adapted for Vox Populi with his permission.

    To install: quit the game, download and unzip the archive into your MODS folder (find it in C:\Users\your_username\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS) and delete the contents of the "cache" folder (find it in the same folder as the MODS folder).
    Note: Civ 5 + all extensions + Vox Populi (version from January 2019 or later) are required to run this.