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City Name Generator [Civ VI] v40

Generates names for cities based on nearby terrain.

  1. HandyVac
    Instead of picking from the usual list of real place-names, this mod attempts to create a new name whenever a city is founded, by stringing together words appropriate for the civilization and the local landscape.

    For example, a city founded by England, next to a river, a forest and a cattle resource, might get named "Cowbridge Wood".

    The translated meaning of these names can be read in the map tooltip when hovering the mouse over a city centre.

    Names can also change dynamically when certain events occur. For example, "Cowbridge" might become "Cowminster" if the first district it builds is a holy site.

    Works for all vanilla and DLC civs. Does not require DLC.

    Civs added by mods will not be affected, and will use their default names.

    This mod includes a modified version of PlotToolTip.lua, in order to add etymologies to tooltips of city centres. It will conflict with any other mod which replaces the same file (i.e. any mod which changes tooltips).

    If this is a problem for you then simply delete the UI folder inside this mod. The rest of the mod will work fine, you just won't get the etymologies in tooltips.
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