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CiVI Reformation Rankings Popup 1.1

Popup window that shows top civs and cities in several categories every X turns.

  1. greyTiger
    The CiVI Reformation Rankings Popup shows a window every X number of turns with the top civilizations and cities in the world.

    Spoiler :

    • City Culture per turn
    • City Faith per turn
    • City Food per turn
    • City Gold per turn
    • City population
    • City Production per turn
    • City Science per turn
    • City number of trade routes
    • Civilization number of cities
    • Civilization number of captured cities
    • Civilization population
    • Civilization number of technologies
    • Civilization number of trade routes
    Additional categories will be added in future versions, including City Wonders, Civilization Wonders, City Defense, Civilization Units, Civilization Great People, City Farms, City Mines ...

    Global Parameters:
    The maximum number of items to show in the list. Default of 10. Will cause a scrollbar to appear if more than 10 items specified.
    The number of turns between the popup being displayed.
    Default of 30.
    Indicates if we want to show names and symbols of civs we have not met yet.
    Indicates if we want to show the tooltip which describes the list when the mouse is over the header label.
    Writers by Era

    Ancient: Philostephanus, Ban Zhao
    Classical: Plutarch, Seneca the Younger, Appian
    Medieval: Sei Shonagon, Francis Bacon, Omar Khayyam
    Renaissance: Vasili Popugaev, Hiraga Gennai, Taftazani
    Industrial: Joseph Addison, Lord Chesterfield, Felix Davin
    Modern: Thomas De Quincey, Ramavriksha Benipuri, Max Kretzer
    Atomic: Bertrand Russel, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Taha Hussein
    Information: Ayn Rand, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Eileen Chang

    Known Issues:
    • When showing more than 10 items the bottom item spills over the list border.
    • The popup is not using the same mechanism as the core game popups for display, as such it can sometimes appear infront of other windows. This will be rectified in a future version.

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