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CivVIReplay 1.3 (Beta)

Parse and view your .Civ6save files

  1. District stats

    - strategic resources
    - reorder yields
    - district stats

    Fix :
    - fix parsing in ffa
  2. Fix freeze with some graphic cards and add some features

    Add stats : Goodyhuts and hardtechs
    Add era and commemoration
    Fix issue with cities health
    Fix graphical issue (Thanks to Vodairo and Banipouz) with GeForce 10 series
  3. Roads and fix

    - Add road and railroads
    - Fix janissary
    - Fix policies
    - Fix wonder on free city
    - add crash dump
  4. Policy, Government and some fixes

    - add policy panel (with government)
    - add military strength and clean resume window
    - fix zoom
    - add religion lens
    - add pillage of districts and improvments
    - add vulkan error log
  5. Great Person

    - add great person panel
    - update visibility with teammates
    - fix Magnus <--> Liang
  6. Religion and Pantheon

    Add religion panel with beliefs and pantheon
    Fix some parsing bugs
    Fix governors position on foreign cities (Amani....)
  7. Lenses and trees

    - Add lenses with shortcut : Continent (2) Appeal (3)
    - First attempt to have cultural and tech trees (will be upgraded one day)
    - Minor improvements
  8. Firaxis update and features

    - Fix parsing issues with firaxis update. This version is working only with post firaxis update saves.
    - Improve parsing error resilience
    - New feature : click on a leader to see from its point of view (with fog of war). Add option to update minimap with fog of war
    - Districts in construction are now transparent
    - Add turns to next tech/dogme
    - Keep the location of your last loading between sessions
  9. Hotfix

    Fix parsing error with unitoperation COASTAL_RAID
  10. Hotfix

    Parse error china with stonehenge (something related to an holysite)
  11. Techs and dogmes beginning work

    - Round map : scrolling from right to left. There are no horizontal end of world anymore.
    - Techs and dogmes currently searched by players
  12. Fix parsing error

    Fix some parsing errors with Portugal inside the game