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Colonization 2071 v1.41

A complete scifi / space colonization remake of Civ4 Colonization : replacing ocean terrain with Deep Space, New World continents with faraway planets, Caravels with Starships, and native tribes with alien species, this mod aims to recreate the classic gameplay of Colonization in a scifi setting.

Similar to their compatriots of 579 years earlier, the colonists of 2071 are setting forth from a repressive and dystopian Earth in search of freedom and opportunity in strange new lands. Arriving on a variety of distant planets, the colonists encounter rare plant and mineral resources instantly in great demand by Earth's dying industry, and uncover a series of ancient ruins left by an advanced and mysterious alien race known as the Progenitors.

The latest version incorporates features from the Tech Tree Modcomp by Kailric, enabling a technology tree that gradually unlocks access to various resources, units, and professions with the progress of research. The natives (alien species) are also enabled as playable civilizations that can interact with Earth. See the main forum thread or the Technologies and Alien Civilizations sections under Game Concepts in Civilopedia for a complete review.

Install Instructions:

To download the most recent version and patch, please visit the following link and follow the install instructions in the top post. Then enjoy blasting off to colonize some New Worlds!
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