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Constant District Cost Mod 0.3

this mod will make cost of districts constant

  1. ichbinsehselber
    This mod is a very small change but has a big impact on game play.

    In vanilla civ6 cost of each district is scaled with
    a.) tech progress which makes districts for production, gold, faith,... very expensive in mid / late game.
    b.) with game progress which makes districts for housing and amenities (aqueduct, neighbourhood) very expensive in mid / late game

    My thought is that this is not a good idea and my testing showed that to my own feeling the game plays more nicely with the mod. Bringing up new cities is a lot more easy.(note that the settler cost scaling is not affected by this mod, so settlers still get more expensive with the number you build.)

    Possible Issues:
    The mod obviously changes balance. The game play becomes somewhat faster and easier. As the AI currently does not deal very well with districts the mod also makes the AI comparatively weaker in competition with the human player. So far I have no better solution to this issue than to play with a higher difficulty setting. But I dont like this solution 100% since the start of the game is relatively hard and the ai gets weaker as game progresses.
    Also testing has not been extensive.

    I would appreciate any testing and comments about how this plays out in practice.

    Recommended game speed:
    Normal game speed
    I have noticed some problems with the online game speed. I think the alternate game speeds are not well balanced in civ6 yet. It seems that you can build a lot very fast but the techs stay behind. This problem comes only partially from this mod, you can also notice it in the other mods delivered with the release and also when you start in a later era. This is only a preliminary observation so far.

    Combining this mod with other Mods
    This mod component should combine well with many other mod components as there is only a change in the Districts.xml file.

    Version History:
    0.1 2016-10-31 first version
    0.2 2016-10-31 updated base cost of each district to roughly 150%

    Unzip in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods

    Then simply start a multiplayer hotseat game.

    Feedback appreciated:
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    Especially welcome would be comments after having tested the mod.
    Please include a note at which game speed you tried the mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Shiroifushicho
    Version: 0.2
    that's a good start, the idea is nice since it's definitly a small issue from vanilla game. But yeah we need to avoid more to make it an easier game. Sorry I can't find anything to help you on that but yea Keep on being aware for new ideas & parameters to improve this.