1. King Phaedron

    Linear Cities NEOM aka The Line

    A type of late game city. The main advantage being that you can make a new city without any regard for district limits due to population, and with less overall construction. I think it would work like this: 1. If you make any land district, you can't make a line district, and if you make a line...
  2. I

    [SOLVED]District's Icon disappear or transfer to "?" while ingame.

    Hello, I have a problem with my mod's icon. It's district's icon which disappear in diplomatic player screen and random Icons in production queue, with map pin is "?". But in the start game (choose leader and custom game), the district icon appear normally. Other Icons like unit icons (copied...
  3. W

    Need Help with Preserve Model

    Hello guys, I encountered a problem during my first mod. I have created a district that replaces the preserve district. However I can't seem to find the model for preserve when I open the asset editor. I know that preserve is in KublaiKhan_Vietnam folder so I changed requiredgameartids from...
  4. I

    Custom District shows up in loading screen but not in game

    I've recently created a new custom civilization, and everything is working except for my custom district. My custom district is a replacement for the Holy Site called the Religion Getter. I see the information for my custom district in the loading screen and diplomacy screen, but the Astrology...
  5. Jatofi

    How to set up everything for district art?

    Ive made a unique district, and set up its functionality. Now what? Ive heard about some artdef files, but how exactly should continue? Could you please help me on the district creation or send me a link to a guide. Thank you My project is in the attachement.
  6. Jatofi

    Housing Block (cheaper than neighborhoods, )

    A district that unlocks a bit later than Neighborhoods (maybe cusom civic, otherwise probably ideology). Ive already done some of the traits, unfortunately my modding skills suck. provides 8 housing, +2 for each adjacent housing block 2/3 of the cost, -1 amenity if not adjacent to a...
  7. blacknight678

    Adjacency Bonus - Possible to say '+1 if x' vs '+1 per x'?

    Is it possible to define an adjacency bonus as has/hasn't instead of per? Suppose I want to give +2 adjacency if a district is adjacent to Woods, but not +2 per Woods. Is this possible without extensive scripting work? Thanks!
  8. BuchiTaton

    Customizable districts and armies for CIV7

    For CIV 7 the hexagonal tiles have the potential to show one of many designated graphical variation for districts and armies based on the customized selection of 6 buildings by district and 6 units by army (all this based on the division of one hexagon on six triangles). So the idea is not to...
  9. fairmanfour

    Nigerian Civilisation, Film Studio District, Great Filmmakers and Wonders

    So I had an idea about how to include Film into the game, as it has been an important cultural and political tool for over a century at this point. It would work in a similar way to the Theatre Square and the Great Writers/Artists/Musicians, unlocked in the Modern Era, and becomes very powerful...
  10. B

    De-Colored Districts [Request/Help]

    Here is the TLDR: Districts like campus are blue. Districts like neighborhoods are green. etc The "Color-coded" nature of the districts makes them look distinctly different and contrasting next to eachother. Districts were supposed to make the city look like it took up more than 1 tile but...
  11. B

    Railyard District

    I believe railroads are an underutilized feature in the game at the moment, and think they could be improved by adding a new district based on them. (I also believe infrastructure is an underrepresented component in Civilization in general...but that's a topic for another thread.) The Railyard...
  12. H

    [] [Switch ver.] Encampments containing units can't ranged strike

    Without a cursor to click the red ranged strike icon, cities and encampments must be selected first to navigate to ranged strike the left stick, as far as I'm aware. The problem is that when encampments are occupied, the occupying unit is selected as priority, and on selecting the switch unit...
  13. G

    [GS] [] Divine Architect governor ability bug

    I was playing Arabia (Irrelevant, I think?) and had Moksha with divine architect assigned to a port city. The harbour had just been pillaged by a naval raider barbarian, and I set the city to repair it. Next turn, I looked at the faith-buy section to buy another district and realized that the...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] Problem with theater adjacency bonus from harbors

    I'd like to add a culture adjacency bonus on the theater districts from adjacent harbors. I tried, but the encampment and city center seem to be taken as harbors? Here is the database update code: --harbor district theater adjacency INSERT INTO Adjacency_YieldChanges (ID...
  15. N

    Nut9931's District overhaul 20191217 20191224 update

    Code that sets all effects to UD of mode civilization Source : p0kiehl's Improved Specialists by p0kiehl Special District Demand Output (※Applies to all UD added in mode Civ) Basic requirement of all special districts Production : 20 Basic requirements of Neighborhood Production : 40 Basic...
  16. Victoria

    Civ VI District Discounts

    District Discounts How much discount do I get? A discounted district is 40% cheaper apart from the Government Plaza which is 25% cheaper. Simple ways to check Method 1 - Look in the production screen, if the number of turns to complete a district is less than another district (apart from...
  17. A

    Can't build Campus on Plains Hill with Banana

    I am playing as the Maori. I want to construct a campus on the plains hill with bananas which is located between two geothermal vents, two mountains, and another campus. That would be a 6x adjacency campus, correct? The tile had jungle a few turns ago and I removed it to make room for the...
  18. bostonbongrips

    Allies have access to Canal District

    Would any of you amazing modders know of a way to give an ally access to pass through a canal district?
  19. royz6

    Bombers and Strategic Resources

    Lets say my enemy has an entertainment complex built on a certain tile. Then later in the game, aluminum appears on this tile. As far as I know he will get the aluminum from that tile (correct me if i'm wrong), but I wonder what will happen if I bomb this tile using a bomber. If his district...
  20. J

    [GS] Change dam requirements mod

    Hi, Can someone make a mod so that the dam district only needs 1 river side instead of 2? Thanks!! :)
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