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Counter-Reconnaissance (for VP) 3

intended to be paired with Recon Pay Terrain Cost.
  • Removed AoE dmg on fortify (pointless infringement on pilum UU)
  • Flipped the combat strength bonus when not adjacent to friendlies to the pre-combat promo
  • Also flipped "Ignore Terrain Cost" bonus to the post-combat promo only, and added "defensiveOnly" (you get 1 turn of super speed to get away, but cannot attack while breaking all the game's movement rules)
same concept as v1 ie. recon have a pre- and post-combat status, but with effects re-aligned and scaled back:

pre-combat recon promo:
  • replaces ignore terrain cost promo, applies same effect w/ following additions
  • disabled for 2-turns after combat
  • 5 dmg to adjacent enemies on fortify (weak pilum)
  • applies malus promo to any unit engaged in melee combat
post-combat promo:
  • 'ignore terrain cost' disabled
  • vision reduced to 1
  • +10% CS if not adjacent to any friendly
  • expires after 1-turn combat free (recon then spends 1-turn with no mod promo)
malus promo to pre-combat promo'd recon opponent:
  • movement into rough terrain ends turn
  • increased movement cost in desert, snow, and marsh
  • vision reduced to 1
  • expires after 2 turns
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