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  1. Tekamthi

    Counter-Reconnaissance (for VP) 3

    "Reconnaissance" promotion receives post-combat promotion: ie after combat, promo is replaced by "Counter-Reconnaissance" Counter-reconnaissance lasts 1-turn: -1 Movement, -10% attack, +10% defense, +10% ranged defense, 5 AoE damage on fortify (ie weak pilum), and saps movement from enemies that...
  2. Tekamthi

    Recon Terrain Specialization (VP) 2

    Reduces VP's recon movement cheese via redistribution of movement bonuses, adding alternative promotion path to VP's "Trailblazer" recon promos, as well as naval-oriented recon bonuses.
  3. Brixter

    Recon get Science from kills with Survey policy

    Recon can now gather intelligence with the Survey policy. This will entice players to use Survey instead of Discipline. Features: 1. Survey lets Recon units get Science from unit kills equal to 50% of their opponent's melee strength. 2. Survey also gives Recon units +5 CS when fighting...
  4. Brixter

    Recon, Monks and Ranged Cavalry get Encampment experience

    For some reason, Firaxis didn't include Recon, Warrior Monks and Ranged Cavalry in gaining bonus Experience from Encampment buildings. Features: 1. Recon and Warrior Monk get +25% experience bonus from Barracks and Basilikoi Paides. 2. Ranged Cavalry get +25% experience bonus from Stable and...
  5. Brixter

    Recon and Siege have Production bonus Policies

    It's unfair that Recon and Siege units don't have production bonus policies so I added them. Features: 1. Recon units get +50% Production bonus with Agoge, Feudal Contract, Grande Armee and Military First policies just like Ranged units. 2. Siege units get +50% Production bonus with Maneuver...
  6. Brixter

    Gaul Recon, Stronger Oppidum, Upgradeable Gaesatae, Double Mine Tourism

    I reworked Gaul's abilities to how I think it should work. Features: 1. Recon units receive Ambiorix' ability (King of the Eburones) instead of Ranged units. - Recon units are a better fit for Ambiorix' death ball strategy since they are close combatants too, unlike Ranged units. This also...
  7. Brixter

    Stealthy Recon and Monks

    Recon units and Warrior monks are designed to be stealthy but they die before they can get that promotion. This mod adds stealth, buffs recon stats, etc. Features: 1. Recon units and Warrior monks get stealth by default. They don't need Camouflage nor Twilight Veil promotions. This ability...
  8. Brixter

    Added Combat Recon promotions

    This adds a bunch of combat abilities to Recon's promotions so they can actually participate in battle. Features: 1. Ranger includes +5 CS in Woods, Rainforest and Marsh, faster movement in Marsh, and can see through Woods and Rainforest. 2. Alpine includes +5 CS in Hills and +1 Sight. 3...
  9. Iconian

    Multiplayer, XML's, DLC folders and stuff

    I've visited the CivFanatics forum a number of times in the past, but now I've decided to create an account and start this thread. I have a few questions about mods. I started working on a very large Civ 5 mod about 2 years ago, but ended up having new priorities arise and couldn't get back to...
  10. Sailor Cat

    Watchtower Improvement 2.0

    WATCHTOWER IMPROVEMENT Steam Workshop Introducing the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units, such as the scout, to help your civilization better explore and monitor. +2 Sight for occupying unit. +1 Sight for units occupying adjacent Encampments and defensive improvements...
  11. megabearsfan

    [IDEA] New exploration policy to buff Skirmisher

    With the addition of the new Skirmisher unit, the recon unit line is now somewhat more viable for exploration during the late classical and medieval periods. However, I still feel that the Skirmisher is a bit too weak against barbarians if I'm not able to get them up to the Ambush promotion. I...
  12. E

    Expanded Recon Class v1.0 2016-12-08

    This mod adds 2 new units to the Recon promotion class: the Explorer and the Sniper. And modifies the recon promotion tree for balance with new units. The Explorer upgrades from the Scout (currently) at Gunpowder tech then upgrades to Ranger. The Sniper upgrades from Ranger at Advanced...
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