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Dynamic Battle Lines v 1

- All melee units (including naval) receive a tweaked version of Heavy Charge. Victorious melee units push back the defending units, unless they are stationed in a city, fort or citadel. Units unable to retreat take 25% more damage. (Polish Winged Hussar gains Blitz to compensate)
- Civilian units retreat with military units to prevent easy captures.
- Units suffer 5 attrition damage in turns they move in hostile lands. Recon, submarine and barbarian units are immune. Can be disabled by removing Attrition.sql

- Make additional damage applied to units unable to retreat scale with combat result. A unit suffering crushing defeat would take 50% (or more) damage, while a minor defeat inflicts 5 or 10% additional damage. I'll probably come up with a formula instead of hard numbers, something like (damage received - damage inflicted) * 2.
- Make attrition configurable in defines.
- Make an even lighter version where defeated units retreat only when they fall below 50HP.
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