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Expanded Civics Mod Phase 3d 2016-10-05

Expanded Civics Mod Phase 3d

  1. Aussie_Lurker
    Well, here it is people, the penultimate mod for my expanded civics system. In this one, religious civics get a complete overhaul. I have split religion up into 2 seperate categories-Tenets and Inter-Faith relations. Under tenets you have the central dogma of the State Religion: including Animist, Ascetic, Reformist, Organized, Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Scholarly, Numinal and Ecumenism. Inter-Faith relations primarily impact your relations with other faiths within your borders. This includes Insular, Evangelist, Militant, Pantheist, Sacrificial, Pacifist and Free Religion. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and-if you have any suggestions on how to improve/change it-please feel free to tell me at the thread in my sig.
    Oh, just to note, I know that some of the buttons are just plain wierd. If anyone can suggest a place where I can obtain suitable buttons for my civics, I would very much appreciate it.